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Make Agile Teams Work Properly: How to Measure a Velocity

hygger_velocityagile_main  Several years of active use and growing popularity of Agile have shown that it is possible not only to increase the productivity of the development team’s work but also to measure it with the help of an index called velocity.



Ultimate Guide to Product Strategy Planning and Prioritizing

Supposedly, you’d like to figure out how to properly develop and build a product strategy, as well as learn how to prioritize ideas, features and tasks correctly. Thus, you are in the right place! Read More


What is Epic in Agile?

Agile methodology is widely known for its specific approaches to project management, especially during the initial part of the work planning. Developers come together and start creating the project by means of such task forms as epics.

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What are Product Management Trends for 2019? Hygger Review and Predictions

Product management is moving front and center in many business strategies. It obvious – PM will continue to expand its reach in the years to come. Read More


Two Global Ways for Those Who Decide to Become a Project Manager

Project management does not welcome weakness. It requires a unique combination of skills. A good project manager is not the only key to success, however having one at the helm can make a big difference in the outcome of any project. Read More


What are the Key Elements of Creative Project Management?

Managing creative projects and supervising creative teams differ from managing projects with software developers. Read More


3 Vital Agile Methodology Steps How Not to Bungle the Projects

Here is Agile again – most of the specialists are talking only about how it is good, effective, impactful and many other epithets. But few are aware that Agile is rather difficult and can be adaptable to limited types of projects.

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Product Metrics: The Best Choice for The Best Business Results

Every product that is created or that is in the process of its creation should meet the specific expectations of its creators and be suitable for its users in accordance with its specific parameters. Read More


How to Develop Strategic Project Management?

Strategic project management is becoming a popular and growing trend within the project management discipline. Read More


Stakeholders in Project Management: Their Contribution to The Common Cause

Project creation is a real big job. This process usually requires not only large financial and labor investment but also the assistance from other involved persons called as stakeholders.

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