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How to Accelerate Great Product Results Using Brainstorming Tools?

Team-brainstorming  The only thing some people need for successful brainstorming is just to come together and discuss, generate and invent their brilliant ideas. Without extra efforts and artifacts. They just bring sheets of paper and pens.



Why do We Need Scrum Epics in Software Development?

In Scrum, project work is broken down into smaller parts. We know them as user stories. However, the project items can take other forms, for example, epics, that must be turned into user stories. Read More


New Features in Hygger: Board Templates, Integration with Harvest, iCalendar and More!

It is believed that Summer is not the most active time for any updates and releases. But we do not agree with this 🙂 We are glad to introduce you our new features for this June.
Ready? Read More


What Team Effectiveness Model Will Make a Team Perform Better?

Choosing the best models and approaches for team effectiveness is the issue that product managers and team leaders have been trying to figure out for a long time. Read More


What is Statement of Work in Project Management?

Project management processes include paperwork and many different documents. It doesn’t matter what industry you represent: PM docs are constant throughout the life cycle of any project. Read More


What are the Key Aspects of Successful Product Requirements Document?

Any strategy without a documented basis is just an idle promise. Each victorious battle began with a brief but capacious and substantial plan. Actually, which product manager does not dream of becoming a great strategist? Read More


The Importance of Project Management Office Within a Project-Based Company

Project managers always need to learn a lot to be successful and up to date. There are basic areas that project managers need to know to successfully pass their PM exams and being effective in their companies. There is also a PMO responsible for these areas. Read More


Brief Introduction to Agile Development

If trying to find useful texts about Agile, you’ll face dozens of pages with mindful articles and brilliant posts. We’ve written many times about the methodology as well and all the variety of articles, posts and guides can easily get mixed in the head. Read More


How Do Gantt Charts Make Project Managers’ Life Easier?

Most project managers are aware of Gantt Charts that help them to increase productivity and efficiency and ensure that tasks and projects are completed on time.

The charts can be applied to small projects and complex ones. Read More


How Briefly Explain The Role of a Product Manager

Have you ever explained the details of your professional activities to people who do not understand anything about it? Sometimes it can be a real challenge for product managers. Read More

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