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How Do Gantt Charts Make Project Managers’ Life Easier?

Gantt-charts-  Most project managers are aware of Gantt Charts that help them to increase productivity and efficiency and ensure that tasks and projects are completed on time. The charts can be applied to small projects and complex ones.



How Briefly Explain The Role of a Product Manager

Have you ever explained the details of your professional activities to people who do not understand anything about it? Sometimes it can be a real challenge for product managers. Read More


Key Steps to Run an Impressive Scrum Meeting

In theory, Scrum meetings are supposed to assist a product owner and teams to communicate and deliver a better product. However, the meetings often go wrong. Read More


What Is a Stakeholder in Project Management?

In project management, a stakeholder is an individual or a group of people who are impacted by the outcome of a project/product. They are interested in the success of the product and can be within or outside the company that is sponsoring the project. Read More


List of the Best Agile Practices

People who work in accordance with Agile principles can explain why they have chosen this methodology in their own ways. Everyone can determine obligatory and “sacred” practices in this methodology; someone can point to non-binding or unloved practices. Read More


We’re adjusting our pricing on June 12, 2018

On June 12, 2018 we will adjust our pricing. There will be two packages – free “Small Teams” and paid “Professional”.

Read More


Planning the First Project: Nothing Scared, Just Simple Steps

Planning the first project can be accompanied by many fears. What if something goes wrong? Where to begin? How to accurately predict how long tasks will take? How to satisfy stakeholder expectations?   Read More


What are the Key Responsibilities of a Scrum Master?

It’s impossible to imagine any successful Scrum teamwork without a leader, Scrum Master. This person resolves impediments and control all the Scrum processes. Read More


The Most Significant Postulates We Should Learn About Writing User Stories

How to write user stories correctly? This topic is a constant interest for many product owners, managers, and stakeholders. You can find many interesting opinions and guides on how to cope with simple and complex user stories, but how to apply them to your product? Read More


10 Canonical Qualities of a Good Manager

What makes a good manager? It definitely depends on so many factors and is different for every situation. The qualities that make a good manager vary greatly depending on the industry, the company and its strategy, specific manager’s goals and objectives, and even the team. Read More

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