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9 Fresh Ideas About How to Motivate Employees

Motivation-6  Do you know managers who admit that they devote not enough attention to their teams, weakly motivate employees and put productivity and effectiveness on the last place?



Professional Advice for Successful Scrum Project Management

One of the universal project management systems is considered to be Scrum technique. If earlier Scrum concerned notably to IT sphere and software development – nowadays the similar experience is actively adopted by many other industries. Read More


How to Empower Your Productivity with Popular Prioritization Approaches

All projects require setting clear priorities. No matter what industry or company you represent, knowing how to prioritize work affects the success of your business and a separate project. Read More


Hygger’s 2018: Year in Review

That has been a big year for us and for our customers! Teams around the world have made amazing things with Hygger. You are our main inspiration to move Hygger forward sticking to the mission of getting the right things done. Read More


5 Really Useful Project Management Methodologies for 2019

What does project management mean in the present-day business? Broadly speaking, it means everything. Every step and every decision are accompanied by a clear plan with good judgment – only this way it is possible to attain success in the work. Read More


3 Good Counsels About Agile Project Management

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you listen to the word “Agile”? We could assume that this word now has a strong association with the project management, or perhaps even it is considered to be its direct synonym. Read More


9 Client Management Skills Every Project Manager Should Master

If your company is forward facing with customers, then it should be critical for you and your team to master customer service skills. Customers are the most important part of every business. Satisfied customers ensure your business growth and success. Read More


Why is It Good to Implement Agile into Your Business?

Probably every person who is involved in the IT industry, at least once heard about Agile methodology, and every second, perhaps, at least once cooperated with it. Despite such prevalence and popularity, there is still a dull apprehension of Agile and its actual practical application. Read More


How to Rock Remote Teams with Hygger? The Story of Rockifi

Any concert or music event is not just about one night, it’s about the build-up, seeing a favorite band with friends, and reliving those moments afterward. Preparing for concerts is a complete project and Hygger allows creative teams to prepare perfectly. Read More


9 Secrets to Effective Teamwork

Managing projects requires the strengths of each team member. It’s critical for project managers to know that everyone in the team is working together toward common goals. Read More