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How Communication Styles Affect Team Management and Business Environment

How Communication Styles Affect Team Management and Business Environment Clear communication is an easy way to boost productivity, reduce workplace stress, and create better relationships with coworkers. 


How to Develop People Management Skills

A significant part of being an effective leader is leveraging technical skills to get the job done. However, this is only half of the story.  Read More

Changing a Job: How to Become a Project Manager?

As fast as the digital environment and business world are changing, so are the popular jobs. A project manager is a beneficial career as its popularity is growing day by day. Read More

The Hierarchy of Six Sigma Belts: What Does It Mean?

Any company continually strives to maximize resources to its extent and streamline its processes to improve efficiency and performance.  Read More

Working Remotely: Temporary Habit or Inevitable Trend?

Occasional phenomena or events can sometimes globally affect life on all continents and cause a rethinking of many values. This is the case with the Covid-19, which has become the reason for massive changes in many areas. Read More

Comparing Open Source and Closed Source Software: Differences and Advantages

This is a typical practice for business owners (who are looking for a software solution for their companies) to choose between closed source and opens source software.  Read More

Golang vs. Node.js: Quick Comparison and Defining the Best Solution

In the world of back-end programming, Golang and Node.js are trusted and growing technologies, well-known over the planet. Read More

What is Six Sigma? A Complete Overview of the Method

Six Sigma has become a common noun, especially over the last several years. What is the purpose of the Six Sigma approach that made it highly demanded all over the world? Read More

7 Ways to Promote Transparency in the Workplace

Honest and open teamwork is an essential part of any team’s prosperity and the company’s success in general. In this post, we’d like to discuss transparency as the top factor contributing to employee happiness. Read More

Defining Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements

Thoroughly defined requirements help software developers and customers to meet all deadlines, avoid financial risks, and release quality products. Read More

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