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Manage your projects from start to finish

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What is Project Management Software?

A set of tools that allows business owners or project managers to apply knowledge, skills, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. Project management software helps you to track tasks completion, predict risks, and maintain collaboration within the team and between stakeholders, and, as a result, deliver value to customers. All of these processes are described in the PMBOK - an effort that is overseen by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which captures and publishes the PMBOK and PMBOK Guide.


Proper project planning is one of the key responsibilities of a project manager. Define specific project goals, divide them into separate tasks, prioritize them and make a schedule. With Hygger it is easy to define risks, estimate time, costs and budgets, get project scope and deliver the result on time.

Manage Tasks

Tasks assignment and completion tracking with Kanban-boards, combined with collaboration tools, allows a project manager to control team tasks in real time. Estimate tasks by time and cost, allocate critical ones, determine WIP-limits, make checklists, add comments, and share files. Manage your projects using scrum, agile methodology or any other framework.


An important part of project management software is to provide smooth communication functionality within the team and stakeholders.

Two-level comments, documents sharing, push notifications, ability to reply to everyone involved in a discussion, for constantly being in touch. Permission settings allow to setup the required level of access and to divide the scope of responsibility between team members.

Track Time

Track the time of completed tasks and generate summary reports about all team members, project activities and goals to see the teamwork effectiveness and velocity.


Get advanced reports about your team performance, costs, budgets, and movement to project goals, as well as API access for full integration with your processes.

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