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You have to always upgrade Trello with add-ons to survive. Hygger has everything by default.

Native Scrum support

Run your Sprints in Hygger with sprint/product backlog, story points/hours estimation, burndown charts, velocity, and sprints release reports.

Time tracking

Estimate tasks with hours or story points, log time spent on tasks and generate advanced reports for tracking team’s performance, billing or payroll.

WIP Limits

Limit the number of tasks that are in progress right now and find bottlenecks in your processes.


Use swimlanes or horizontal columns for grouping tasks. For example, create “Blockers” swimlane for separating the most critical tasks from the rest.


Add extra statuses using Subcolumns without cluttering your board with the whole new columns.


Score features using RICE/ICE techniques or Weighted Scoring with your criteria/scales.

2x2 Priority Matrix

Evaluate your tasks with Value and Efforts. Then we map them out on a chart so you can make more informed and objective decisions.


Lay out the high-level perspective of what will happen over time, by specifying major releases, projects, and initiatives. Share the roadmap with interested stakeholders or amongst team members. Are you still have any doubts that Hygger is a great Trello alternative? We don’t 🙂

Why Hygger is the best Trello alternative?

For Kanban Teams
Basic Kanban Support
Board as a visual representation of tasks.
Work in Progress Limits
Limit on the number of tasks in progress.
Visual categorization of tasks, located horizontally through the board.
A column with 2 subcolumns: In Progress and Done for a better progress tracking.
For Scrum Teams
Sprint Support
Sprint Board is used to run sprints.
Story Points
Story points are a unit of measure for expressing an estimate of the overall effort that will be required to fully implement a piece of work.
Burndown Chart
Burndown Chart is a Sprint-specific diagram showing the ratio of already completed tasks to the time remaining till the end of the sprint.
Velocity Report
Velocity Report helps you to determine your team's velocity and estimate the work your team can likely achieve in future sprints.
Sprint Release Report
The Sprint Release Report shows the actual work done during the sprint. Here you'll find completed and incomplete tasks, Burndown Chart, some numeric statistics.
Progress Tracker
Sprint specific progress tracker displaying the ratio: percentage completed / task completed / hours completed.
Sprint Backlog
The amount of work a team can execute in a given period of time.
Product Backlog
A board with product's ideas and tasks.
Backlog Board
Backlog Board is used to gather, rate and prioritize product ideas.
Ideas Scoring (Value/Efforts)
Tasks (ideas) can be rated by value & efforts so that the most valuable are sent to development in the first place.
2x2 Priority Matrix
2x2 Priority Matrix visualizes your product backlog on an impact vs. effort matrix.
RICE Scoring
Score your features using Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort.
ICE Scoring
Score your features using Impact, Confidence, and Ease.
Weighted Scoring
Score your features using your custom criteria, weights, and scales.
Roadmap Board
Roadmap board is a visual scheduler for a project. It allows you to see start and due dates of the tasks on a calendar and manage project plans. Built-in feature, available free of charge.
Time Tracking with Reports
Tracking the time your team spends on projects. Detailed reports by team members, projects or tasks.
Projects & Collections
Boards are grouped by projects or collections. Project is a set of releases, boards and tasks related to it. Collection is a group of boards linked by a certain criteria.
Release Managment
Group of tasks or sprint with specific version.
Versions Management
Version - a set of tasks belonging to a certain release.
Live Activity Stream
Display activities across all the boards: completed tasks, tasks your team is working on right now, overdue tasks and employees’ work logs.
Inbox displays all important notifications and updates in one place.
Smart Links
A unique URL that allows you to get a quick overview of a task status at a glance.
Two-Level Comments
Comments in Hygger have a two-level structure to keep one conversation in one thread.
Task Links
Task Links help to indicate which tasks are linked to each other and to see type of dependency between these tasks.
User’s reference in a conversation @Username.
A colored tag with a keyword on it used for task categorization.
Upload File Attachments
File Uploader from a PC and other file sharing services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box и OneDrive, etc.).
iPhone, Android Apps
Mobile Applications for iPhone and Android.

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