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Plan & Set Priorities

Set goals

Establish specific and measurable goals for clear and effortless progress tracking.

Growth Plan

Plan your projects

Break your goals into an actionable plan. Visualize it into beautiful roadmaps that your team and stakeholders will love.

Roadmap views

Focus on the most important work

Prioritize intelligently using the Eisenhower Matrix or other techniques. Achieve your business goals faster.

Prioritization matrix

Get things done

Get to work

Break down your project plan into individual tasks. Estimate them, assign to your colleagues and set due dates.

Task with estimation

Track your tasks on Kanban Boards

See exactly what should be done and promptly detect the bottlenecks.

Collaborate with ease around tasks

Manage all your conversations, checklists, and files in one place. No more challenges to find the right chat story or file.


Success Stories

Find out why these teams are in love with Hygger

  • Cycle


    Renewable energy company. Columbia, Bogota

    What are the three main features in Hygger?

    1. The Backlog board. When you have a lot of tasks, and you pass them from backlog to the development, that’s the main characteristic of Hygger for us.
    2. Then the time logs.
    3. And a Roadmap.

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  • Digital Empire

    Digital Empire

    Digital marketing company. El Paso, Texas

    Why did Hygger become a choice?

    We tried Trello, Bitrix, and so many different kinds of other project management tools. The biggest reason that we came back to Hygger is that we can value what’s important to us. Me and my partner created a value scale, depending on what board and what project we’re doing.

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  • Rockifi

    Rockifi Ltd.

    Rock music fans community. Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland

    Why did Hygger become a choice?

    We trialed other PM tools before settling on Hygger, but we either found them overly complex and confusing or lacking in certain features. Hygger is a good balance of useful features and complex functionality with an intuitive interface.

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