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Nowadays high-skilled teams require working together dynamically and focusing on what really matters. They need smart tools to optimize processes and increase business results.

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Scrum Tool

Scrum project management requires a powerful team and software that is able to manage and visualize all the necessary processes. What are the benefits of a Scrum tool?

Organize Scrum planning

Constant planning is an essential part of Scrum project management. It determines the beat for the entire team.

Planning is always connected with short-term goals that are crucial to achieving to project’s success.

According to the Scrum concept, sprint planning is defining timeframes and the tasks that should be completed in that time. You should estimate tasks by their complexity. The total tasks time estimation should match the planned timeframe.

Plan sprints and create user stories with the universal tool for Agile project management –

Create and manage user stories

Create user stories and plan sprints with Hygger functionality.

Use Scrum task boards

A task board in Scrum project management is the space that every team member can use over the course of a sprint. It is the best visual representation of every task and what phase of completion it’s in.

A typical Scrum management tool offers convenient task boards with columns for stories, to-dos, work in process, issues that need verification and finished items. Some teams also need to use burndown charts.

Manage Scrum product backlog

A product backlog is a list of features that are desired for a final product. It is usually more than can be accomplished in one sprint. Typically, the backlog evolves as teams learn more about the product and the client. Here you usually examine product’s features and bugs, technical work, and knowledge acquisition.

Use smart alerts

You will not miss anything. Use smart alerts and stay on track with everything that is happening in your company and inside your team. Big picture alerts and notifications are available in Hygger.

Adapt it to your processes

Scrum tools are designed to help you see the big picture in your company and personalize it with convenient boards and useful features.

Hygger helps to be successful with Scrum and get as much as you can.

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