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Key Advantages of Marketing Roadmaps for Achieving Companies’ Success


In marketing, any global strategy and a separate initiative should be detailed and well planned. It’s better to visualize any idea at the start – this is also a well-known fact.

Fortunately, today marketers have the ability to visually represent their tasks and track them. Multi-level marketing roadmaps are helpful here.

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All About Daily Kanban Stand Up: 15 Minutes that Accelerate Release


There is а tradition in IT companies – to arrange daily internal meetings in the format of a stand-up or just a short meeting that are aimed to optimize work processes and synchronize the work of all team members. It is recommended to limit such meetings up to 15-20 minutes.

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8 Kanban Boards Examples


The key to a successful kanban workflow is a constant improvement. You can make your process better by visualizing the work steps to help you action the visible bottlenecks.

But how do you define a workflow process to begin with?

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What is Critical Path Method For in Project Management?


All project managers have their best practices and management methods, own secrets and tricks. They try to improve their processes for effective results using intuition, skills and experience, powerful tools and famous techniques.

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Smart Roadmap: Nothing About Formality, All for Product Benefits


A product roadmap is a powerful armory in product manager’s hands. As any strategist is able to manage his armory and knows how and when to apply it, so product managers should also be able to tactically apply their advanced product roadmap and use special tools for these goals.

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How to Choose the Best Approach Among Different Project Management Methodologies?


The large family of management methodologies consists of many different members like any other large family. Some of them are distinguished by traditional views and approaches, some have very narrow interests and cannot get along with everyone, and some are considered very flexible and open to changes.

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What’s the Difference Between Scrum and Kanban?


It’s always crucial to learn all details and choose the best solution if you have two equal options. Choosing between the methods of development management is also not an easy thing, especially if it is Scrum or Kanban.


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How to Maintain Product Backlog When It Rapidly grows?


In the time of high competitiveness, it’s important to focus on key priorities. Competitors constantly release new features. There are so many of them, you don’t even have time to learn all of them. Your users suggest improvements, give you advices and your colleagues are coming up with ideas all the time. There are a lot of updates happening constantly.

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Why Trello is not an Ideal Solution for Agile Software Development


Trello is a really handy and universal tool which is based on Kanban Boards. Unfortunately, Kanban boards in Trello are too simplified. They work perfectly well for managing common tasks but when it comes to agile software development they’re lack of many things.

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13 Benefits of Kanban for Software Development


What is Kanban?

Imagine a Toyota center. You liked that Toyota Camry and paid a deposit. There was no car in a color you wanted and therefore your order went to a Toyota factory in Houston. You were notified when your car would be delivered, and the car is being produced for you starting from this moment. So they work according to the “sell first then produce” rule, in other words it’s the “Just In Time” rule. First you come up with the time and goal, then a work plan for achieving the goal. 

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17 Must-Have Features for Agile Software Development and Best Trello Alternative


Trello is a very useful and convenient tool that told the world about Kanban. It is suitable for managing any projects. However, Trello’s versatility is also its drawback – once you need something more specific, for example, a Burndown chart, WIP limits or time tracking for software development or agile development, this is when troubles begin. You need to look for plugins or register in a third-party software, for example, in Toggl and pay $9 (!) for the ability to track time and view the simplest time reports.

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Best Jira Alternative for Agile Software Development


If you are into in Agile software development, you probably know about Jira. However, not everyone likes Jira and here is why:

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