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Pick out the best ideas with Backlog

Backlog Board

Collect and organize ideas on backlog board using columns, swimlanes and labels. Score ideas according to their value and efforts, so that it’s easier to set priorities and focus on the most important work.

Priority Chart

Spot the best ideas on your priority chart.

Define quick wins and big bets, filter out timesinks, and maybes.

Push to development and Track it

Easily send tasks to Sprint or Kanban boards for development. Track their progress with smart links. Once a pushed task is completed, its parent task will be automatically moved to Done column on a Backlog board.

Build what matters with Agile

Kanban Board

Visual Kanban boards that include:

  • time tracking
  • work in progress limits
  • swimlanes
  • sub-columns
  • to do, in progress and done column categories
  • tasks with checklists, attachments, multiple members


Visual Sprint boards that include:

  • backlog
  • story points estimation
  • progress tracker
  • burndown charts
  • velocity report
  • sprint release report

Get the full picture of your project with Roadmap

Use roadmaps to plan, communicate, and visualize your product strategy with ease.

Everything you need to deliver projects on time, budget, and scope


Get a complete overview of project releases, boards, and tasks.

Live Activity Stream

Display activities across all the boards: completed and current tasks, overdue tasks and employees’ work logs.


Get only the team updates you need, instead of a flood of unwanted messages.

Smart Links

Get a quick overview of a task with a unique URL that shows task status.

Two-Level Comments

Keep your conversation organized by using threads in commenting.


Reply to everyone involved in a discussion.

Release Management

Plan and control project tasks and sprints through the entire release cycle.

Versions Management

Combine together a set of tasks that belong to a certain release.


Combine multiple boards in a collection by certain criteria.

Time Tracking with Reports

Track your team performance and generate detailed reports.


Build new solutions on the Hygger platform with our APIs.

IOS & Android

Stay up-to-date on all your projects with iPhone and Android apps.

Get more benefits with Hygger Integrations

Choose the widgets and integrations from the Hygger Marketplace to get tasks completed faster and more efficiently.

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