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4 Great Tips on How to Create Your Work Plan

The spontaneous execution of work tasks is considered to be a bad form in any profession – almost all specialists tend to schedule their work. So that is why it is important to make a proper work planning!

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Product Management Books Review: From New Releases to the Classic Must-Read Ones

What is the power of a book? Can it replace the priceless experience?

In any case, a good book is a source of inspiration that can push any person to a unique solution and lead him/her to unprecedented success. Books are created to make us better. Read More

Must-have or Time Wasting? 10 Rules of Efficient Brainstorming in IT companies

“Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships”. This is a quote from Michael Jordan and actually, he is right. Any successful decision, whether it is a victory in a championship or the release of a new product, is achieved through the efforts of the whole team. Where does the path to success begin? Read More

How To Use Scrum Task Board

Scrum task board is a work organization means that is usually used by the Scrum teams. Every Scrum team has its own Scrum task board. To realize what a Scrum task board is and what it is for, we should come up with a Scrum task definition. Read More

How to Combine Kanban and Lean: Methodologies Overview

The issue of combining various software development methodologies has been extremely topical in recent years. Today many developers wonder how to combine various traditional and Agile methodologies.  But before doing that we have to give the proper definitions of both methodologies and describe their main features. Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Defect Tracking Tools

Defect tracking tools are used in all software development projects. Their use is defined by the necessity to detect bugs in the final product and fix them. Usually, the defects must be fixed before the product is delivered to the final user. That is because of the fact that large amounts of bugs in the software may impact the popularity of the product in the market and ruin the reputation of the software development company. Before finding the defect tracking tool definition, we must realize what a bug (or a defect) actually is. Read More

10 Essential Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Your Sprint Retrospectives

When you participate in an agile team, your possible concern could be thinking about how to adapt yourself, or simpler said, your reaction on how things are going and how things can be improved. In this article, we present some tips regarding the benefits from the retrospective reviews at the end of sprints. Read More