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Understand what your users need

Capture ideas

Great ideas come from everywhere. So collect all your ideas, user research and feedback in one place so it will be on hand for every product decision.

Prioritize what to build

You will get more ideas than you have time to implement. Some ideas are better than others. So score your ideas to assess their value and then pick out the best ones.

Push to development

When ideas are ready for development just push them to Kanban or Scrum boards. And track their status as they move through each stage of the development.

Create and Share your Roadmap

Lay out the high level perspective of what will happen over time, by specifying major releases, projects, and initiatives. Share the roadmap with interested stakeholders or amongst team members.

Build what matters using Scrum or Kanban

Develop the right features

Use Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban approaches to implement the features you've previously selected. Story points/hours estimation, WIP limits, Swimlanes, sub-columns will streamline the development process.

Monitor your progress

Use Burndown report for Scrum and Cycle Time for Kanban real-time monitoring of a release. Use time tracking report for accounting and payroll.

Sync Marketing, Sales and Support with Product Team

Get everyone on the same page

Exchange insights with marketing, sales, support, development teams. Keep them updated with the product development process.

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