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Applying 3-Tier Architecture to Organize Apps’ Code

Applying 3-Tier Architecture to Organize Apps’ Code Sometimes applications have messy codebase. It happens. You'll need time to determine where particular features are located and it can be a challenge for unit tests, debugging, or adding new functionality.


What is a Kanban Board? 15 Kanban Board Examples

The key to a successful Kanban workflow is a constant improvement. You can make your process better by visualizing the work steps to help you action the visible bottlenecks.

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What is the Project Life Cycle: Defining Key Project Management Phases

Project managers know that there may be dozens of tasks that need to be completed at just the right time and the right sequence. They will confirm that it’s rather easier to handle the details of a project and take steps in the right order if this project is broken into phases. Read More

10 Practical Ways to Encourage Collaboration Between Departments

Even living in the world of constantly increasing and developing communication channels, we still have some areas that require communication optimization and improvements. Read More

What Is the Difference Between Product Backlog Grooming and Sprint Planning?

Effective team collaboration in sprint planning is the obligatory condition of a qualitative result. It makes the team move in the same direction. However, sprint planning is often confused with backlog grooming or refinement. Read More

Looking for Trello Alternatives: 6 Reasons Why Hygger Can Do Better

Successful project management is the key lever of great business results. Applying an appropriate methodology and powerful software will help you do it right.

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Quick Kanban Tutorial-2020: Insight into the Concept

You will probably experience some difficulties trying to find a person in modern business and management environment who has never heard about Kanban. Read More

List of the Best Project Management Blogs Worth Your Attention in 2020

In the age of informational technologies, we are surrounded by numerous online blog tutorials, tips, tricks, and all kinds of guides on almost any topic.  Read More

Tips and Tricks on How to Write a Winning Project Proposal

An effective project proposal is about how you get management and stakeholders to act on your ideas. It is a kind of a bottom-up version of a project request form. Read More

What Is a Kanban Board?

There are many software development companies all over the world that use Kanban methodology. Is Kanban used in other areas and industries? Definitely so! In fact, this is a current trend today, in 2020.

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