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Roadmap Template: What Makes It Highly-Demanded?

roadmap-1  A product roadmap is a high-level summary that reflects the direction and vision of a product. Any roadmap is a strategic document that communicates all the steps what you’re working on.


Types of Motivation that Help You in Achieving Great Business Results

People working in project teams always need enthusiasm and strong reasons for doing their job to get great results. How to get the burning desire to achieve a specific goal? Read More

Powerful Apps That Keep You Organized and Productive

People involved in any business are always pressed for time. We always deal with small tasks that get in the way of getting things done. How to put them in order? Read More

12 Productive Hobbies That Can Benefit Your Team

It is hard to imagine a person who has no hobby or who is not passionate about something. Nowadays, in the era of high technologies and innovations, you may find many options for how to spend free time and rest from work. Read More

What’s New: Board Views and Prioritization

We are happy to announce some recent product improvements we’ve made. Now you can do even more with Hygger. Read More

All Benefits of Choosing PRINCE2 Methodology for Development

Most of the people involved in the project management world certainly know what Prince2 means. The methodology is widely used in many industries. Read More

11 Tips on How to Manage Time and Improve Deadline Management Skills

Deadlines are critical for management in any field. They are the best helpers in achieving both large and small objectives. They affect productivity and motivate teams. Read More

How to Organize To-Do Lists for Work?

Every day we face various tasks and challenges. Many of us use special online software for setting and managing tasks and objectives at work and in household duties and issues. However, there are individuals who still do not know anything about it. Read More

How to Take Control of Your Life With the Help of “Eat that frog” Concept

Among many popular prioritization methodologies, the authorial technique “Eat that Frog” is widely known for its metformicity, easiness of use, and quick effect. Read More

What are the Benefits of a Personal Task Manager?

All life we are pursued by tasks of different types and different levels of complexity. The most challenging of them often affect our future. It does not matter you deal with business tasks or just have personal objectives, – all they require competent management. Read More