3 Main Agile Processes That Help Your Project Development

We continue to delve into the study of the features of Agile methodology because it is a truly inexhaustible topic. And today would like to touch the essence of the project development processes in Agile.

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What is Epic in Agile?

Agile methodology is widely known for its specific approaches to project management, especially during the initial part of the work planning. Developers come together and start creating the project by means of such task forms as epics.

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3 Vital Agile Methodology Steps How Not to Bungle the Projects

Here is Agile again – most of the specialists are talking only about how it is good, effective, impactful and many other epithets. But few are aware that Agile is rather difficult and can be adaptable to limited types of projects.

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Understanding Sprint Burndown Chart in Scrum Project Management

Project management does not imply approximations or inaccuracy. Therefore, there are so many numbers, schemes and precise charts in methodologies, tools, and services’ functionality. Read More


The Power of Long-Term Agile Planning: Key Steps to Make it Successful

Building great software depends on different factors, including long-term Agile planning. Any long-term project means the collaboration when multiple teams need to coordinate with one another. Read More


5 Main Principles of Lean Management

Lean methodology is considered to be one of the most appreciable ways of project management. But few are aware that this methodology is more just an economical approach to project development – today we are going to explore this question properly.

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Agile Best Practices: Why Your Team Needs a War Room

Today when software development stays in high demand, developers are being pressured to code and modify more, still meeting all client requirements and work deadlines. Read More


Why Agile is So Popular in Project Management World

Agile methods, frameworks, and philosophies continue to involve more and more fans not only from the project management sphere. In fact, Agile is no longer associated with only software development. Read More


5 Distinguished Advantages of Agile Methodology

Over a number of years, there is the question that is atop the waves – why Agile? And there are many of debates around it, but fortunately Agile has more devotees than adversaries. It definitely pays to try it!

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