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Prioritize Tasks and Features by Value/Effort

Use built-in prioritization to define what tasks need to be done next. Score them by Value/Effort parameters and choose the winners on a 2×2 Prioritization matrix. Besides, you can pick up any other prioritization technique that suits your business goals: Weighted Scoring, Eisenhower, ICE, RICE, etc.

Create and Share Product Roadmaps

The right project starts with the right planning. Create beautiful and accurate roadmaps to share feature release plans with stakeholders, marketing, sales, and support teams. So everyone can plan their work.

Push Features to Development

Use a Push option to track the development stage of your idea. With a single click, send a task from the Backlog board to Sprint/Kanban board or directly to Jira. These tasks will be in auto-sync: when the task is developed, the original task will be marked as Done.

Kanban and Scrum boards

Visualize your software development process by using Kanban boards. Make your team’s collaboration transparent and aligned.

List Boards

Collect your tasks into traditional task lists. In Hygger, you can choose for yourself the type of board that suits your requirements and habits.

Time Tracking

Track how much time your team spends on projects and tasks. Detect the bottlenecks and celebrate quick achievements.

And Other Cool Features

That have not left any Product Maker indifferent 💛

Backlog Board


Burndown Charts

WIP Limits



Success stories

Find out why these teams are in love with Hygger

The Prezenter

Design Agency from Bristol, UK

Why did Hygger become a choice?

The main concern with swapping to the new software was familiarity. Because you can use Hygger like you use Trello, the transition was painless. So we had something that worked like Trello, with more features, for a better price, and with excellent customer support.

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USA InterCargo

Auto logistics company. Carmel, United States.

What three main features are crucial for you?

Hygger is simple, cost-effective, combines the most important features needed for software development. It saves us time while developing new features of our service.

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Renewable energy company. Columbia, Bogota

What are the three main features in Hygger?

1. The Backlog board. When you have a lot of tasks, and you pass them from backlog to the development, that’s the main characteristic of Hygger for us.
2. Then the time logs.
3. And a Roadmap.

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Digital Empire

Digital marketing company. El Paso, Texas

Why did Hygger become a choice?

We tried Trello, Bitrix, and so many different kinds of other project management tools. The biggest reason that we came back to Hygger is that we can value what’s important to us. Me and my partner created a value scale, depending on what board and what project we’re doing.

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Rockifi Ltd.

Rock music fans community. Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland

Why did Hygger become a choice?

We trialed other PM tools before settling on Hygger, but we either found them overly complex and confusing or lacking in certain features. Hygger is a good balance of useful features and complex functionality with an intuitive interface.

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Creators of wearable health device. Vigevano, Italy

Why did Hygger become a choice?

Our team used various PM tools previously, such as Asana and Trello. We come upon Hygger and found it a clear and practical solution for our needs. The division of the project on different boards helps us to organize the work better.
We choose Hygger for its better structure and division. And it’s a pretty simple tool.

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