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Online Kanban boards for Agile software development

Visualize your workflow using Hygger and then let your workflow faster with Kanban process

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Visualize your Workflow From Idea to Implementation

Manage product backlog

Score features according to your current initiatives, and pick out the right ones from the top of the prioritized Backlog.

Visualize your process on Kanban Board

Create a visual Kanban Board that reflects your development process using columns and swimlanes.

Limit Work in Progress

Limit the amount of work in progress and make it easier to identify inefficiency in your team’s workflow.

Categorize Tasks Using Swimlanes and Labels

Organize tasks on your boards using Swimlanes or Labels and detect blockers and bottlenecks.

Adjust Your Workflow Using Subcolumns

Add extra statuses using Subcolumns without cluttering your board with the whole new columns.

Estimate Tasks and Track Time

Estimate tasks using hours, log the time it took to do a task and track progress using hours logged and hours estimated ratio.

Set Due Dates

Make your team commit on the time of task completion.

Track How Much Task Was in Progress

Track the bottlenecks in a team’s delivery pipeline.

Everything you need to build better products with Kanban

WIP Limits

Limit the number of tasks in progress for any status and determine bottlenecks in your workflow.


Organize tasks on your boards using Swimlanes and make blockers and bottlenecks visible.

Time in Progress Tracker

Track the time every task took to complete to track the efficiency of your team.


Keep your board clean and laconic without losing any important status.


Categorize tasks and then filter them using labels quick filter.


Group tasks within board or project using Versions and track the whole release progress.


Teach your team to meet their commitments.

Time Tracking with Reports

Log time on tasks to track your team performance and generate detailed reports.

Due Dates

Clarify tasks release dates using deadlines, not only time estimation.

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