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All We Should Know About Scrum Project Management: the Beginner’s Guide

Scrum is a widely adopted method for achieving software agility. However, it is not the sole method of implementing Agile principles, as a large Agile family consists of different methodologies. Read More


What is Agile Methodology and How to Choose Its Right Type for Your Project?

Agile methodology is one of the most described and discussed concepts in articles, posts and scientific editions in software development world. Why should we talk about this again? Read More


How to Show off Your Product Differentiation in a Right Way?

Product differentiation is a set of characteristics that define your product, make it different and unique to your customers.

The concept is also closely related to the unique selling proposition – USP. Read More


How to Make Requirements Management Effective?

A clear expression of requirements is an essential part of final product success. The requirements may be expressed as physical deliverables, business benefits, functional or technical needs. Sometimes a weak Requirements Management process can be a cause of a product failure. Read More


What Are the Factors Affecting Software Product Managers’ Salary?

The salary of product managers in software development companies grows together with the popularity of the profession. This is the proven fact. What are the reasons of high PM salaries? Read More


Some Fruitful Thoughts On How to Prepare Release Notes

Product managers and product owners use different kinds of professional documents during the products’ lifecycles. Each document in product management has a special meaning and strategic importance. Release notes are also a part of this story. Read More


How to Fill Up Your Product Backlog?

It’s not a secret that product backlog constantly grows. Different things can stuff it. Let’s recall the main ones. Read More


How to Prepare a Product Specification?

Product managers in a consumer goods world work with different documents throughout products’ lifecycle. Have you ever written product briefs, sales performances, specifications, quality tests or smart roadmaps? Read More


Lean Prioritization Approach for Product Manager’s Duties

Prioritization is a necessary aspect of product management as it is a crucial part of product development lifecycle. Lean Prioritization is one of the simple approaches that helps product managers to manage the product backlog.  Read More

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