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Powerful Planning: 3 Ways to Create a Project Calendar

We need a project calendar if we want to record our day-to-day, month, quarter or year project’s activities, from the entry level to the culminating presentation. Read More


10 Effective Team Building Games Your Team Will Appreciate

Product success consists of many components. Each of them, including team building activities, makes the product a step closer to the desired results and leads it forward from competitors. Read More


How DevOps Takes Care of the Challenges Faced by Development and Operation Teams

DevOps combines developers and operations teams’ efforts to improve productivity and collaboration. Read More


15 Best Project Management Books for Beginners and PM Stars

Project management is not an easy skill. It may look easy for someone but actually, it is one of the most challenging jobs. Read More


How to Measure the Velocity of Agile Teams?

Velocity is a rather simple but powerful method for accurately measuring the rate at which Scrum teams deliver business value. What should project managers and their teams know about this method? And how to measure Velocity easily? Read More


What is WBS in Project Management and How to Create It?

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a method well known in project management for getting a complex multi-step project done. Read More


9 Steps to Prevent Project Scope Creep and Sober Ways to Win It

Scope Creep in project management is a special term used to indicate the addition of an unauthorized scope. Many brilliant projects fall victim to Scope Creep. Read More


How to Be Totally Prepared for a Product Launch?

Any team that is working hard on a product desires to organize the fabulous and successful launch. Everyone who works hard deserves a reward. Read More


Dozen of Rules for Running an Awesome Daily Huddle Meeting

People say that the ability to run a daily huddle is not a great talent. Actually, it seems quite simple, like another meeting.   Read More

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