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Why Agile is So Popular in Project Management World

Agile methods, frameworks, and philosophies continue to involve more and more fans not only from the project management sphere. In fact, Agile is no longer associated with only software development. Read More


What is the Difference Between Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager?

Some professions are clear for understanding and do not require additional explanation. Do you have difficulties when you trying to understand what does a driver, engineer or landscaper do? What about a product manager and product marketing manager? Read More


All You Should Know About Writing a Creative Brief Template

Every project starts with an idea. Each idea should be documented to be clear for all involved. A creative brief is aimed to help here. A brief is a communication tool that outlines the project’s requirements, goals, expectations, and required resources. Read More


5 Types of Teams. What’s Your Choice?

Different types of companies have logically provoked the evolution of different types of teams. Some of the teams are permanent and others are temporary. Some are part of the corporate hierarchy, others are adjunct. Read More


How to Define an Effective Team? 11 Characteristics

Effective teamwork is what makes companies and products succeed. Have you ever been a part of a great team?

When an efficient team starts to work, their efforts turn to productive results. Read More


What Are Milestones in Project Management and How to Define Them?

A project milestone can be considered as a tool that delineates a point in a project schedule and shows an important achievement in it. Milestones should demonstrate a clear sequence of events that incrementally build up until a project is complete. Read More


GIST Planning is a New Way to Manage Products Successfully

A product roadmap is a must-have strategic tool for any product manager. Are there alternatives? Read More


Weighted Scoring: Decide Objectively What Features and Projects to Do Next

You may find many ways to work out the order in which your features or ideas should be brought to life. Something that your customer mentioned just the other day, must be the most important right now. Have you faced such cases? Read More


3+ Best Advantages and Examples of Marketing Roadmap Templates Using

There are lots of ready-made technological solutions of business and development planning that do their job well. And the more business, the more specific helpers company requires in order to make the entire workflow more appropriate.

Read More

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