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Our mission is to help teams reach their full potential

We integrate all project management processes into one solution for more transparent and productive team collaboration.

Trusted by great teams worldwide

For companies of any size and projects of any scale, Hygger drives high-perfoming teams all around the world.

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Here's what our customers say about Hygger:

John Nemec

Project Manager, Paradowski Creative

I have been using Hygger for nearly a month now, and I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful product! I am slowly migrating my entire company to your product from Trello. While change is never easy, I think this transition has been going smoothly due to the high quality of the system as well as the huge benefits gained. Thank you for your hard work!

Simon Fearby

I am a paid JIRA user (for personal use) and long term Trello user and was excited to find the tool entering the market. I imported my JIRA and Trello in minutes and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into and use it on my mobile (iOS and Android) and use certain features that are missing from JIRA (value and effort assigning to items etc). I love the Mobile app and easily add items to my backlog on the go.

Dr. Ralf Belusa

Chief Digital Officer, Entrepreneur, Exponential Biz, TEDx Speaker

Love your product from the First View!

Our Philosophy


We are constantly striving for the best fulfillment of our plans. The depth of understanding, precise accuracy in addressing issues, personal involvement, and dedication to the beauty of performance - that's what really matters.


Development is a constant process of self-improvement and exchange of experience. That’s how we are becoming gurus in our field.

Unity & Collaboration

We achieve common goals, make mutually beneficial decisions, and treat each other with trust and respect.


By developing the highest human qualities, we accept responsibility for our actions, stay honest with ourselves and our colleagues, and always fulfill our promise.


Every day we fill our life with happiness and share it with others.

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