How to Find Your Way Among the Popular Types of Leadership Styles?

Leadership plays an important role in the evolvement processes of any company. If there is no effective and charismatic leader, then a company probably has some difficulties with efficient work.

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What is the “Monkey on Shoulder” Concept in Time Management?

People often feel like they spend the whole day dealing with other people’s to-do lists instead of their own. Does it mean that they are doing more but accomplishing less?  Read More

Digitalization of Management Processes: How it Affects Projects

A business world is moving online. Project managers are gradually forgetting about managing their tasks and processes using a pen and paper, physical whiteboards with sticky notes, and “multifunctional” cubicle office walls.  Read More

How to Run an Effective Performance Review and Get Maximum Benefits

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9 Tips on How to Make Self Assessment Meaningful

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How to Formulate and Apply SMART Goals and Objectives?

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Essential Rules of How to Make Right Decisions Faster

Nowadays reality forces us to be mobile, think and act quickly in business and day-to-day private life. Just one slow motion or a prolonged decision and you’ll lose what you have achieved or give the initiative to others. Read More

Positive and Negative Effects of Procrastination at Work

Procrastination haunts each of us. We used to think that the habit of procrastination is bad because it steals dreams and destroys lives. Read More

12 Productive Ideas to Realize When Bored

Boredom is inevitable. Any business process or stage consists of proactive stages when you have no chance to rest and not active ones when you can relax a little and meet boredom. Read More