The Power of Technology Roadmaps for IT Companies

Product managers, stakeholders and company leaders always think about how business goals can be matched to specific technologies. A technology roadmap can be the real answer. Read More


30 Interview Questions for Product Managers to Reveal Their Potentials

An interview is a dialogue. It is a stress. It can be a real testing. This even can be a dominance of one of the participants, but it is always a dialogue. It’s important to be prepared for this dialogue no matter what side of the table you occupy. Read More


How to Turn Product Manager’s Routine into Rock-n-Roll?

Even the most responsible team member periodically has “burnouts” at work. Product managers know that very often tasks and processes can quickly grow into the routine.

You know that sometimes a product can be developed not according to the plan and in a desirable way. Some tasks can take a long time without results and cause doubts. Then despondency appears. Read More


Is it possible to improve time management and become more creative at the same time?

Mikhail Liakh, Soft Skills Co-founder and coach, shares some insights about productivity and creativity skills. Read More


5 Lies Project Managers Tell Themselves that Make Teamwork Fail

Think about the role of a project manager: how much easier would it be if you had to manage projects without the ‘people part’? Sounds soooo good, right? But when it comes to project management, people are part of the package – and the problem is, the package doesn’t have an instruction. You have to figure out yourself how to unpack and make it work. Read More


5 Secrets to Climbing the Career Ladder for Project Managers

Everyone wants to get ahead and give their career a boost. Project managers are no difference. So what skills can help you advance your project management career? Here are top five things you will make you get ahead and become a much-in-demand PM. Read More


10 Tips to Rock Your Next Software Developer Interview

Many talented developers find it difficult to get through a job interview. The problem is that they often spend much time focusing on what they’re passionate about, and little or no time preparing and brushing up on their interview skills. Read More


10 Productivity Hacks for Software Developers

Ever wish you had more time in a day? If you struggle to get efficient at work and can’t find the time to fit it all, here are ten productivity hacks that will help you maximise your achievements without increasing the amount of time spent on work. Read More


5 Goals Every Successful Project Manager Should Achieve

As a project manager, you need to keep an eye on every aspect of the project you are responsible for: costs, schedules, resources, suppliers…you name it. Keeping all details in mind can be a really overwhelming, so the trick is to focus on the five most important goals project managers should aspire to achieve. Read More

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