Daily Task Manager: How Can it Help Your Work?

The process of self-planning of a personal daily workflow has become a common practice of workers in any industry. But at the same time, there is one question arises periodically – what does exactly help specialists to customize their task management?

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What Project Calendar Do We Use for Supporting Our Planning Efforts?

A project calendar is a tool for planning activities for the next month, quarter, year or the other defined period. Creating and managing a project management calendar can be time-consuming. Some deadlines will be obviously shifted before you finish. Read More


The Ultimate Guide to Gantt Charts

Continuing to learn more and more new ways of work planning, it is possible to forget about some classical methods that were invented a long time ago. As for us, we appreciate our past, and today we want to consider in details such a technique as Gantt chart.

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To Do List: Its Benefits and Assets for Business

To-do list is considered to be the most simple way of work planning and evaluating personal busyness. But is it enough for more serious business tasks? Let’s investigate this issue!

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How to Master Your Time with the Pomodoro Technique?

Why is it important to care about time management? There is a truth called Parkinson’s Law: work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Read More


4+ Effective Recommendations on How to Be Productive in Project Management

What do you usually mean by the word ‘productivity’? Perhaps, it is a kind of criterion that allows specialists to evaluate the significance of the work done. Actually, it is just the tip of it, and today we study this question properly.

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Make Agile Teams Work Properly: How to Measure a Velocity

Several years of active use and growing popularity of Agile have shown that it is possible not only to increase the productivity of the development team’s work but also to measure it with the help of an index called velocity.

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Why is Professional Communication Critical for Any Business?

Effective professional communication is critical nowadays. Most problems and incisive situations in companies arise because of poor communication. Successful communication is an art that ensures a smooth flow of ideas, facts, and right decisions. Read More


Work Timer Systems: Why Is it Worth Practicing Them Nowadays?

Time is money and rightly so! It is considered to be a common business practice to use such a system as work timer that allows employees to know how much hours they spend at their work and how their team is effective.

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