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Marketing Plan Template: Where to Start?

Great products always coexist with successful marketing. To get awesome business results you should care of a solid marketing plan that will precisely outline how you’re going to make money. Read More

What is Marketing Project Management in Business?

It is an open thing that project management is a great operating tool in many industries like IT, logistics, architecture and, undoubtedly, marketing. The last one is going to be our today’s point of issue.

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What is the Difference Between Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager?

Some professions are clear for understanding and do not require additional explanation. Do you have difficulties when you trying to understand what does a driver, engineer or landscaper do? What about a product manager and product marketing manager? Read More

3+ Best Advantages and Examples of Marketing Roadmap Templates Using

There are lots of ready-made technological solutions of business and development planning that do their job well. And the more business, the more specific helpers company requires in order to make the entire workflow more appropriate.

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Key Advantages of Marketing Roadmaps for Achieving Companies’ Success

In marketing, any global strategy and a separate initiative should be detailed and well planned. It’s better to visualize any idea at the start – this is also a well-known fact.

Fortunately, today marketers have the ability to visually represent their tasks and track them. Multi-level marketing roadmaps are helpful here. Read More

Big or Little “A”: What Kind of Agile Marketing Are You?

Marketing has changed a lot over the past few years – new marketing channels appeared which gave marketers a global anytime access to data and the opportunity to serve customers better and faster. Read More

The Minimalist Guide for Using Scrum to Assist Your Agile Marketing Team

The role of a Scrum Master means to serve and to lead the Scrum Team, to collaborate with the team, the Product Owner, and the rest of the company, and to ensure that everybody is working according to the Scrum method.
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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Implementing Kanban

There are situations in which Scrum is not the best choice and the most common case are the small projects when the number of team members is less than 4, or when it is impossible to plan even one iteration in advance. It is often the case when teams are dealing with solving bugs, system maintenance or escalation by end users. Read More

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