3+ Best Advantages and Examples of Marketing Roadmap Templates Using

There are lots of ready-made technological solutions of business and development planning that do their job well. And the more business, the more specific helpers company requires in order to make the entire workflow more appropriate.

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Key Advantages of Marketing Roadmaps for Achieving Companies’ Success

In marketing, any global strategy and a separate initiative should be detailed and well planned. It’s better to visualize any idea at the start – this is also a well-known fact.

Fortunately, today marketers have the ability to visually represent their tasks and track them. Multi-level marketing roadmaps are helpful here. Read More


Agile Marketing: Is It Worth Sprinting?

Marketers are facing enormous changes: media is getting more fragmented, and the list of devices and channels available to customers goes up and up. Some companies have been successful in handling these challenges with agile marketing. But can it benefit your organisation? Read More


5 Reasons Your Product Launch is Failing

According to Forbes, each year nearly 250,000 new products are introduced into the marketplace. However, the statistics show that 66% of new products fail within two years, and 96% of all innovations fail to return their cost of capital. In other words, the success rates of new product introductions have improved little over the last 20 years. Read More


Big or Little “A”: What Kind of Agile Marketing Are You?

Marketing has changed a lot over the past few years – new marketing channels appeared which gave marketers a global anytime access to data and the opportunity to serve customers better and faster. Read More


Agile Marketing: Is Your Company Ready?

Lots of marketers are familiar with the Agile theory but very few of them are able to execute it in practice. The problem is that too many companies focus on Agile but totally neglect the concept of Agility. Read More


Agile Marketing: Modern Fad or Must-Have?

In today’s world where change has become the norm, the ability to respond to it in a fast and efficient way is a must-have skill. Agile marketing is a new approach to marketing management that allows to speed up the response to change, thus increasing marketing agility.  Read More


8 Must-Follow Rules of Agile Marketing

Accordingly to the opinion of marketing experts, you will be in a better position if you can quickly identify changes in your environment. Of course, it is not easy to estimate how long current trends will remain valid — innovative technologies are coming up faster than we can forecast — and it’s impossible to tell what new trends can appear during your campaign and increase your efforts. In this article, we’ll give you the eight basic rules of agile marketing. Read More


71 Top Marketing Resources For Startups

It’s common for startups to focus on development and design – they work hard to build a great product that meets customers’ needs. But the problem is that no matter how many efforts you’ve put into development, without marketing no one will see what you’ve created. Read More

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