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What Is the Difference Between Product Backlog Grooming and Sprint Planning?

Effective team collaboration in sprint planning is the obligatory condition of a qualitative result. It makes the team move in the same direction. However, sprint planning is often confused with backlog grooming or refinement. Read More

Weighted Scoring: Decide Objectively What Features and Projects to Do Next

You may find many ways to work out the order in which your features or ideas should be brought to life. Something that your customer mentioned just the other day, must be the most important right now. Have you faced such cases? Read More

How ICE Score Method Helps to Choose Better Product Features

In case you have several important and urgent features to implement, which one would you choose? This relevant question concerning prioritization is at the heart of product management. Read More

RICE Scoring: Quick Prioritization for Product Managers

Any product manager faces the challenge of prioritization while planning product roadmaps. How to decide properly what to work on first? Read More

How to Fill Up Your Product Backlog?

It’s not a secret that product backlog constantly grows. Different things can stuff it. Let’s recall the main ones. Read More

11 Tips on How to Improve Backlog Management

Managing product backlog can be challenging even for the most experienced product owners and product managers. Sometimes it’s required to wrestle with overly long and detailed backlogs. Read More

What is the Product Backlog in Product Management and How to Maintain It?

A well-prioritized product backlog was invented not only to make releases and iteration planning easier but also for broadcasting all the things product teams intend to work on. Read More

What Is Product Backlog in Waterfall?

A product backlog is an important part of every software development project. Some inexperienced programmers wonder: – “What is a product backlog in Waterfall”. To begin with, it is impossible to answer this question properly without defining the notion of product backlog. Read More

What is Lean Product Backlog?

Every Agile software development project has its own product backlog. Usually this is a list formulated of user stories. They are prioritized by the customer or his representative. After that the team reprioritizes them, if it is necessary, and turns them into tasks of certain iterative cycles. Lean projects also have their own product backlogs. In this article we will tell you about them and the specific features of their formulation and management. But before doing that it is necessary to find the proper definition for Lean methodology and describe its main functional features. It is impossible to understand the nature of Lean product backlog without doing that. Read More

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