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Profession of a Product Manager: Its Main Features and Benefits for Business

What do we mean when defining such a profession as a product manager? As usual, it seems to us a certain employee whose functions are very similar to the job of the project manager, and both of these professions are regarded as the same. But it is a mistaken opinion.

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4+ Right Steps How to Create a Technology Roadmap

There is an opinion that only professional, experienced specialists are needed for implementation. Indeed, skills and abilities are important, but the development of a detailed and qualitative work plan is also necessary. However, it may not be enough, right?

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How to Be Totally Prepared for a Product Launch?

Any team that is working hard on a product desires to organize the fabulous and successful launch. Everyone who works hard deserves a reward. Read More


How to Prioritize Product Features? Guide for Product Managers

Choosing the right features for development, filtering the most important of them and skipping less urgent ones – it is all about the Art of Prioritization Read More


What are the Key Aspects of Successful Product Requirements Document?

Any strategy without a documented basis is just an idle promise. Each victorious battle began with a brief but capacious and substantial plan. Actually, which product manager does not dream of becoming a great strategist? Read More


How Briefly Explain The Role of a Product Manager

Have you ever explained the details of your professional activities to people who do not understand anything about it? Sometimes it can be a real challenge for product managers. Read More


Key Steps to Run an Impressive Scrum Meeting

In theory, Scrum meetings are supposed to assist a product owner and teams to communicate and deliver a better product. However, the meetings often go wrong. Read More


The Most Significant Postulates We Should Learn About Writing User Stories

How to write user stories correctly? This topic is a constant interest for many product owners, managers, and stakeholders. You can find many interesting opinions and guides on how to cope with simple and complex user stories, but how to apply them to your product? Read More


10 Canonical Qualities of a Good Manager

What makes a good manager? It definitely depends on so many factors and is different for every situation. The qualities that make a good manager vary greatly depending on the industry, the company and its strategy, specific manager’s goals and objectives, and even the team. Read More

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