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Improve your flow with your favorite powerful tools, and explore new ones.


Use all advantages of Hygger and GitHub integration by creating GitHub branches from Hygger tasks. Save your team time, and track what’s going on in GitHub directly from Hygger, without the need to switch between the apps.


Connect Hygger with Bitbucket to proactively monitor the status of your pull requests. Add commits and branches to tasks and boards to easily track your software development process.


Use all advantages of Hygger and GitLab integration by automatically attaching GitLab commits and merge requests to the tasks. Save your team time, and track what’s going on in GitLab directly from Hygger, without the need to switch between the apps.

Google Drive

Collaborate on your documents quickly with Google Drive integration. Store your files and folders in tasks, see the changes in real-time, and keep everything at hand.


Need to keep your files in Dropbox? Ease your workflows by enabling Dropbox integration. Manage your files without switching between the apps, especially on your mobile.


Use Slack to communicate with your team? Hygger and Slack integration allows you to quickly connect tasks to channels, discuss them, and create new ones directly from Slack. Enable notifications between Hygger and Slack to stay up to date wherever you are.


The Harvest widget is built into the Hygger task so you can track time for any task without leaving Hygger.


Automatically fill your Google or iCalendar with the tasks that are scheduled in Hygger.


Transfer your customers' feedback or feature requests from Intercom directly to Hygger board.


Import your data from Jira to Hygger to save your time during the transition from one tool to another.

Hygger Android and iOS mobile apps

Stay connected with your team wherever you are using Hygger mobile apps. Available on Android and iOS.

Hygger API for Developers

Hygger’s easy-to-use APIs make it simple to quickly connect Hygger with your current tools and workflow. Our APIs are robust and stable, so you can confidently build your business on our platform.

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