Hygger Blog for Project Managers and Winning Teams - Part 44

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Tips, best practices and new approaches to management and productivity.

How to Keep and Evolve Ideas Flowing With the Help of Virtual Brainstorming

How to Keep and Evolve Ideas Flowing With the Help of Virtual Brainstorming The age of Covid-19 forces us to adapt to new conditions of work and life, including avoiding work together in the same room.


Using Enterprise Architecture to Drive Innovation and Deliver the Right Solution

Today’s world is all about change and uncertainty, and companies must constantly develop and adapt to new environments. However, adaptation can be achieved only when organisational structures and relationships between them are transformed, allowing to move the whole organisation from the current state to the desired one based on a new strategy. Read More

Project Delays? Here is Why Your Estimates Don’t Work

Almost every software development project starts with the questions: “How long will this take? How much is this going to cost? How many people do we need to get this done?” These are all variations of the same question: “How much effort will this cost in terms of time and money?” Read More

5 Reasons High Performers Hate Meetings

Business meetings are one of those things that people tend to unanimously hate. And it’s not that people don’t care about the issues discussed at the meeting, but because most meetings they attended were frustrating and an insane waste of time. Read More

5 Questions to Answer When Choosing Kanban Software

The Kanban methodology dates back to the late 1940s but it has gained a wide popularity among today’s software teams as it is designed to provide better work visualization and more flexibility for ongoing process improvement. Read More

Traditional vs Dynamic Project Management: Do You Need to Change?

Modern companies are constantly striving to keep up with speed of innovation and be the best they can. The pursuit of innovation is often a tough process for organisations that use conventional software tools and follow rigid plans built on guesstimates. On the other hand, companies that praise quick thinking and flexibility don’t merely keep up with trends – they create trends themselves. Read More

5 Essential Lean Metrics To Improve Work Flow

Contrary to a popular belief, though Lean was originated from the Japanese manufacturing industry, today it can be applied to every business and every process. Being Lean means ensuring everything you do in your work processes adds value. This philosophy has turned Lean into a widely-used approach to identify wasteful practices, reduce costs, and increase quality. Read More

Taking Agile to the Next Level with Cross-Functional Teams

Agile isn’t enough on its own – it requires a dedicated team to make it work. Despite all benefits that this approach offers (speed, stability, security, etc.), it’s often impacted by ineffective communication structures which in their turn influence the way software is designed, tested and delivered to clients. In this situation, a cross-functional team may be the solution your organisation needs. Read More

7 Practical Tips for Putting a Successful Team Together

Creating a high-performing team is incredibly important in today’s business. There are certain qualities that are necessary to have employees dedicated to working together and completing tasks to move the company forward. However, what really makes for a successful team is people who communicate effectively, recognize each other’s opinions and appreciate the contribution of every team member. Read More

A Manager’s Checklist for Choosing Software that Will Drive Your Organisation

With a growing number of software products on the market, it has become extremely difficult to select the appropriate software that will meet your project needs and drive company success. With thousands of titles to choose from, there is no ‘one-product-fits-all’ solution. In fact, choosing software is a highly subjective activity: one person’s favourite software may be a disaster for another. Read More

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