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Get Started Using Kanban Cards More Competently

Get Started Using Kanban Cards More Competently If you are starting to read this post, then you probably already know something about Agile software development and a famous Japanese word - Kanban.


50 Best Scrum Practices for Dream Team

Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks for implementing Agile. In fact, many people believe Scrum and Agile are the same thing, though they are definitely not. Agile is a group of software development methodologies based on iterative development, and Scrum is a subset of Agile but with its own peculiarities due to the commitment to short iterations. Read More

Simply Explained: Monte Carlo Simulation for Risk Management

When it comes to decision making, we’re constantly faced with uncertainty and ambiguity. And even though we have almost unlimited access to information, we can’t predict the future accurately. That’s why risk analysis remains an inherent part of every decision we make. Read More

Command and Control in Agile – Good or Evil?

The modern Agile software development community often considers ‘command and control’ a synonym for dictatorial management. It’s demonised in blogs and books, and many Agile gurus believe it should be banished for good. In reality, the meaning of command and control in Agile has been highly misconceived. So it’s time to rehabilitate this domain. Read More

Story Mapping: Agile Guide to Backlog Visualisation

First introduced by Jeff Patton in 2005, story mapping has become a popular practice to visually communicate the content of a product backlog and provide a more structured approach to release planning. Unlike writing a dull 50-page requirement document, story mapping is an engaging activity that joins the efforts of all participants in collecting requirements and deciding where to start and what to focus on. Read More

10 Communication Skills Effective Managers Need Most

Good project managers are rare, and great project managers are even harder to find. What distinguishes highly effective managers are not only their technical knowledge and skills but how they communicate with others at all levels. Read More

8 Stupid Rules that Destroy Employee Commitment

It’s never an easy task to find and retain good employees, and it’s even harder to attract and hold on to the best employees. Sometimes they quit because they don’t see opportunities for promotion or growth, or because they are offered a better gig and higher pay. But often the cause lies with the company they’re leaving. Read More

To Scrum Or Not to Scrum? Pros and Cons To Consider

Scrum is a widely accepted Agile methodology for management and control of software projects; it is optimized to create product iterations on a regular basis. Scrum prospers by the well-defined user stories that can be accomplished and delivered separately, and it also leaves the decision to the team – how much to work during a sprint. Scrum applies common sense artifacts, such as the practice of daily stand-up meetings during which the team members will report on what they’ve done since the last stand-up. Read More

3T Metric: a New Approach to Measuring Business Agility

As we all know organisational agility is important to success. That’s the reason why leading companies make business agility a key corporate attribute and learn to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine. Yet despite understanding the importance of agility, there is much confusion around what it actually is. Read More

4 Specific Ways You Can Benefit from Agile Practices Today

Though we like to view software development as engineering, we must also remember that it is a craft. It takes sound technical skills, a passion for quality, and an open mind to design software that is useful for customers and adds value to a business. Read More

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