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Understanding Major Project Constraints That Can Threat Project’s Success

Understanding Major Project Constraints That Can Threat Project’s Success Project managers' responsibilities include dealing with limits as every project and its resources are finite. Managing project constraints is about ensuring that a project will be completed on time and on budget, with all required resources.


What is the Best Free Project Management Software in 2020?

Smart project management software has proved that it can be extremely helpful in successful project delivery, evolving teams and increasing companies’ productivity.  Read More

What is a Scope Management Plan and How to Apply It Properly?

Project managers need a draft or layout to define the scope of their project. The best way to do it is to have a scope management plan. This plan is being designed by project managers to describe how the project will be developed, monitored and verified under their supervision.

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Why Do Projects Fail? Main Reasons and Ways to Spot Project Failures

Failures are unavoidable. Each year, businesses face various project failure rates, often wasting millions of dollars per failed projects. 

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15 Outstanding Virtual Team Building Games and Activities to Enrich Remote Work

Every manager cares about the bonds between team members. They should constantly keep everyone involved in the team processes, motivating individuals to be more than just coworkers.

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20 Online Tools Enhancing The Process of Managing Remote Teams

Recent events related to coronavirus, fires in Australia and other unplanned cases have shown that managing remote employees is a skill all project managers rapidly need to learn.

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7 Best Time Management Apps to Increase Team’s Productivity

Professionals always want to make the most of the 24 hours they have every single day. It seems that there are people who even have 25 or more hours in a day and they still have time to be more happy, efficient and productive. 

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What is the Role of Prioritization in Crisis Management?

No one has immune to a crisis. This is especially truthful these days, right? Recent examples of global floods, wildfires in Australia and coronavirus spread have shown that a crisis may come from anywhere and it does not have to obligatory come from economical challenges. 

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Project Network Diagrams: Quick Overview of the Powerful Tool

The toolkit of any project manager contains many professional tools, techniques, and frameworks. A network diagram is one of these magical tools that can solve many important tasks in project management.

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Top 10 Best Group Meeting Apps for Business

Working meetings are the traditional element in the workflow and it often happens when many employees work remotely, or the company has several offices in different cities and even countries.

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