Hygger is Placed on the Project Management Shortlist Software Report 2021 | Hygger.io


Hygger is Placed on the Project Management Shortlist Software Report 2021

Hygger is Placed on the Project Management Shortlist Software Report 2021

Hygger is named in the Capterra Shortlist Report for the best project management software.

The Capterra Shortlist is a proprietary research report made up of the top-performing software products based on the software’s popularity among users, ratings, and reviews. 

Capterra uses exclusive data and trusted reviews from verified software users to build their Shortlists.


Capterra Shortlist for Project Management Jan-21


This Shortlist is an independent assessment that evaluates user reviews and online search activity to generate a list of market leaders in the project management space that offer the most popular solutions. The Project Management Shortlist report is available at https://www.capterra.com/project-management-software/#shortlist   


Capterra Shortlist Report 2021


Hygger is a powerful Kanban tool that perfectly suits software development teams. Its undeniable benefits make it possible to compare Hygger with such popular platforms as JIRA and Trello, and in this comparison, Hygger wins in many ways.

The platform offers outstanding features loved by tech and non-tech people. It is easy to use and friendly. Choosing Hygger, you will get a chance to apply four kinds of project boards: a Kanban board, a list board (to-do lists), a Sprint board, and a timeline.

Here are a few of Hygger’s main features:

  • Digital Kanban boards with Swimlanes, WIP (work in progress) limits, and time tracking. Swimlanes allow splitting the board horizontally for easy categorizing of different tasks. WIP limits help to define all roadblocks and inefficiencies in the work process.
  • Backlog prioritization. Hygger provides powerful prioritization frameworks of various complexity: Eisenhower matrix, Value vs Effort prioritization matrix, Value vs Risk matrix, ICE scoring system, RICE scoring model, the Weighted Scoring.
  • Handy roadmaps based on Gantt Charts, for advanced planning and scheduling. 

If you are looking for a multifunctional Kanban tool, Hygger is the right choice. This project management software totally suits development teams, product companies, medium-sized enterprises, and startups. You may use a free trial or try Standard or Enterprise plans.


Hygger recognition


*the badge recipients are based on end-user reviews.

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