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30 Ways to Accelerate Your Career When You’re Bored at Work

30 Ways to Accelerate Your Career When You’re Bored at Work

If you’re dragging yourself to your office Monday through Friday to do things that will probably make you yawn, don’t worry, the situation is not hopeless.

The first thing you can do is to take a hard look in the mirror and think deeply about how you can start making changes. Just because you can. Then, you should consider some steps that can dramatically change the situation for the better.

But first, let’s try to define the causes.


3 Implicit Mistakes You Are Probably Making if You’re Bored at Work


1. You’re ignoring your colleagues when they need you

When your job seems sleepy, you may decide to play an online game or watch some fun videos with cats (thinking that you will definitely use the rest of the afternoon to catch up on it).

However, when you feel bored, it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of prioritizing these quick and fun side actions. Remember that people you work with still have things they need to get done. And when they need your help, it is better to follow through—especially if they can not move forward without your assistance. It’s not your colleagues’ fault that you’re unhappy and bored.


2. You’re complaining all the time

For someone, it might look like blowing off some steam before you get back to your not so attractive tasks. However, you are doing more harm than good. Complaining at work, you forget that you probably work with individuals who may feel totally satisfied with their work.

This really irritates. If they can help you to move on to something more exciting, you’re not putting yourself in a good position to approach them later on. Nobody wants to recommend the person who complains every single day.


3. You are not interested in something new

The truth is – you have to do something to change the situation if you are bored with what you do. No matter it means taking on additional responsibilities or starting a search for something new, – nobody will perform your work for you.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to consider looking into an internal transfer if you’re happy with your company. But if you’re not satisfied with either your duties or company, perhaps it’s better to launch a job search.


30 Steps to Follow When You’re Bored at Work



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1. Clean everything up

Explore your spam folder. Unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters and subscribe to new industry-focused ones.

There is no need to constantly keeping eye on your email box and spending time thoughtfully responding to each one. Instead, you can take care of the increasing of your effectiveness, studying any email productivity method.



2. Update your email signature

When was the last time you checked it? Is it still relevant? Perhaps, there is a way to make it more attractive.


3. Create a “To do Someday” folder

There are always some tasks that are constantly on the back burner. Put them in a special folder, so you can refer back to them for inspiration down the line. You may use available prioritization techniques to identify them quicker.



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4. Make it clean and sparkle

Delete everything unnecessary and run all updates. Organize your files and come up with a logical structure for cleaning it all up. Update your passwords.


5. Apply a cloud service

Consider moving your files to a cloud solution, for example, to Dropbox. It will save your PC bandwidth and will make it easier to access your stuff from anywhere.


6. Delete personal stuff

Think about work-life balance and delete everything personal from your work computer, including private emails, downloaded photos, and notes.


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7. Initiate a networking group

You should probably have a few friends in your field you see from time to time at industry events. Ask them if they’d want to get together monthly for an informal networking group. You may all meet to chat, discuss current professional events, initiate a collaborative team-building activity, or share your productive hobbies.


8. Explore new internal fellowship

Ask a co-worker you don’t know well to go out to lunch together. You will get to know someone new and learn more about how your company operates. Suddenly you may find new ways to collaborate and get involved.



9. Start a Book Group

Often a book is the most comprehensive answer to many questions. Choose inspirational books that are related to your professional field or initiate a book club’s reading that everyone in your team can get some use out of. You can meet with your colleagues for a happy hour and chat at a bar, discussing the most admired books. Here’re some useful sets:



10. Organize lunch dates

It’s about online networking that matches you up with someone in your area for lunch during the workweek. Just connect your profile in any professional network (for example, LinkedIn), provide your availability and geographic flexibility, and the site’s algorithm will match you up with a like-minded partner to have lunch together. This challenge will help you to grow your network using free time.


11. Initiate team-building activities

You may simply start the Company’s softball league or gather a frisbee team. There are many effective team building games and activities your team will appreciate. The initiative to get everyone out of the office and have fun together will demonstrate that you have what it takes to shine in the office. Even you have distributed colleagues, you may follow available virtual team building activities that will enrich remote work and save you from boredom.



12. Diversify business meetings

Daily meetings often turn into a routine. You can be the first to bring a little variety and fresh ideas to the organization of your daily meetings. Use the available brainstorming techniques and creativity to discuss with colleagues how you can make an ordinary meeting a really spectacular event.


13. Work on your social media strategy

Get strategic about your social accounts. Even if you’re not interested in going that route, it a good time to follow thought leaders on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow new positive Instagram or Pinterest accounts. Work on improving the strategy about engaging, commenting, and liking. Share career-inspiring articles you have recently road on LinkedIn. After all, reach out to someone you admire on social.



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14. Start a blog

Your own independent blog can be a place for you to write about happenings in your field, share thoughts on your favorite sports, or even pursue a hobby. Just define your purpose, set clear and smart goals, and target who you want to read it. Try to pushing something out at least once a week to keep your followers engaged.


15. Write a guest article

There are many resources that will willingly take your article and publish it. Try to get published something on an industry websites or LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to write and research and will start to build your name as a thought leader in your space.


16. Listen to podcasts

If writing is not for you, find interesting podcasts (or even start your own). Invite industry leaders to be interviewed on your podcast. This will accelerate your personal brand and your professional network at once.



17. Learn to do something new

For example, learn how to code. Without jokes – it will boost your career no matter what you do. You may also dive into project management or learning testing.


18. Build a personal website

It is actually a great idea regardless of what field you’re in. You will have an online presence that will show off who you are and displays your best work. Create a handy roadmap with consistent steps, define priority elements of your site, and start your creative work.


19. Try a new tool

A digital workplace requires implementing high-tech and handy online tools. There are numerous smart solutions aimed to help you to succeed at work and in private stuff. Explore helpful collaboration platforms, search for time management apps, or choose the appropriate task management software.



20. Explore great TED talks

There are many public speeches that will amaze you and improve your productivity, minimizing boredom at work. Here’s a great example:



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21. Revamp cubicle and throw away old stuff

Sometimes adding non-fluorescent lighting, some fresh photos, or beautiful flowerpots can do a lot for your inspiration. Try to revamp your habitual workspace and you’ll see quick results. If you are a remote worker, you may follow some useful tips on how to improve your home office environment here: Tips on How to Create a Home Office



22. Fix something

You probably have a process or procedure that you grumble about. Try to find a couple of ways to improve upon it. Create a plan, present it to your boss and see if you can be the one who turns it into action.


23. Teach your group mates

Propose your team to research something and present it to your colleagues. It can be socially responsible business practices or a new management methodology.


24. Be a mentor

Mentoring a junior employee is also a good wat to succeed in case you are bored at work. Ask if your company has a special program you can participate in, or just seek a younger co-worker who you could take under your wing.



25. Make useful lists

Compose a list of useful resources, your favorite sites, the best conferences or classes in your field, or anything else you think your team players might find useful, and share this list with everyone on your team. A handy to-do lists app will help you to do it without extra pain.


26. Create a customer survey

Asking your clients and potential clients some essential questions will help you to serve them better (as well as for their general feedback). You’ll definitely get some helpful guidance for future sales or initiatives.



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27. Initiate a fundraiser

Involving in a cause you care about is an opportunity to struggle with boredom at work. It’s also a great way to network as you may reach out to people you haven’t talked to in a while or think are interesting with an invite.


28. Learn a new language

Even if you do not need to speak German or Japanese at work, speaking and reading in a new language can get your brain thinking in totally new ways and will make you smarter.



29. Plan a trip

The act of planning a trip makes us happier, as we’re anticipating what’s to come. Of course, it is not a good idea to do the actual planning on company time, but dreaming about your destination will certainly make the day go by faster.



30. Challenge your willpower

Sign up for a half-marathon, or try to get any complex certificate. While it might not have anything to do with your job, you will probably be more inspired in your off-hours and will improve your self-discipline and willpower.


Final thoughts

If you feel bored at work, perceive it as a warning sign you should pay attention to. Perhaps it means that you’re missing a purpose in life.

If you let boredom continue, you will putt your happiness and mental health at stake. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you to get things done and be more inspired. Start changes to make yourself feel enthusiastic again about your career and personal life!

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