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Product Management

Product Management Education: University Courses in USA and Europe 2019

Product manager is considered to be one of the most demand positions in the world, and it is not accidental. Such a profession means a prestigious job, high salary and many great opportunities in IT industry. That is why it is important to take a sound academic background.

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Ultimate Guide to Product Strategy Planning and Prioritizing

Supposedly, you’d like to figure out how to properly develop and build a product strategy, as well as learn how to prioritize ideas, features, and tasks correctly. Thus, you are in the right place! Read More

What are Product Management Trends for 2019? Hygger Review and Predictions

Product management is moving front and center in many business strategies. It’s obvious – PM will continue to expand its reach in the years to come. Read More

Product Metrics: The Best Choice for The Best Business Results

Every product that is created or that is in the process of its creation should meet the specific expectations of its creators and be suitable for its users in accordance with its specific parameters. Read More

Fantastic Trio: How Can Program Manager, Product Manager and Project Manager Collaborate Together?

There are so many different roles in the project development, and it is so easy to get lost in their concepts and responsibilities. Now it is the time to sift this question to the bottom!

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What is the Role of Product Scorecard in Feature Prioritization?

A product scorecard is a useful and important tool for product managers. There are different scorecards that are focused on financial and customer KPI’s – key performance indicators. Read More

4+ Types of Powerful Prioritization Matrix That Help to Score Your Product

Prioritization is an important element of successful business management, especially when specialists are not only guided by their own intuition but also use different techniques or so-called prioritization matrix patterns.

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Scrum Master vs Product Owner: Their Differences and Common Aspects

In the projects based on Scrum methodology there is a plenty of professional roles, each of them is valuable for many business processes. But two the most important persons are considered to be a Scrum Master and Product Manager. What’s the difference? Let’s make it clear!

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GIST Planning is a New Way to Manage Products Successfully

A product roadmap is a must-have strategic tool for any product manager. Are there alternatives? Read More