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8 Stupid Rules that Destroy Employee Commitment

8 Stupid Rules that Destroy Employee Commitment

It’s never an easy task to find and retain good employees, and it’s even harder to attract and hold on to the best employees. Sometimes they quit because they don’t see opportunities for promotion or growth, or because they are offered a better gig and higher pay. But often the cause lies with the company they’re leaving.

Many organisations create a rule-driven culture that gives the illusion of control but suppresses creativity and drives talented people away. Statistics show that the more rules are imposed on employees, the less passion and excitement they feel towards work which means less motivation, lower productivity and lower profits.

Simply put, to hire and keep the most talented people you should stop creating stupid rules. The list of such rules differs from company to company but the most common ones are:

#1. Stupid attendance policies

If your employees work overtime yet you nag and get on their nerves for being five minutes late in the morning, you don’t deserve them in your team.

#2. Stupid approval policies

It’s okay to expect from employees to ask for approval when they launch a new project, hire a new team member or spend a lot of money. Excessive bureaucracy in other cases (e.g. requiring a written approval to buy a mouse pad) is a waste of time.

#3. Stupid feedback process

Most employees will be happy to tell what they believe the company is doing right and wrong. Just avoid a common mistake and don’t overuse “fancy” employee engagement surveys – instead, walk up to them and ask face-to-face what they have to say.

#4. Stupid hiring process

Stop treating job candidates like pieces of meat and learn to humanise your recruiting process: make interviews fast and friendly and view job applicants like collaborators. This is the best way to spot the right employee and avoid the talent shortage.

#5. Stupid time-off rules

Let your employees know that when they feel sick, they can stay at home until they’re well enough to return to work. The same goes with a personal day off – don’t make employees lie about it. Respect your employees and trust that they value their time and will work hard to deliver what’s planned on time.

#6. Stupid promotion rules

Many organisations still follow the rule that employees have to be in a position for six months before they can be promoted. This might have worked in the past but today this is a big turn-off for promising employees.

#7.Stupid performance reviews and ranking

Avoid having the organisational version of the Hunger Games. After all, brilliant employees deserve much better than just being fitted into a five-point scale once a year. Instead, provide a valuable feedback or encourage people to maintain high standards.

#8. Stupid rules for cell phones and internet use

Restricting the use of cell phones to avoid the leakage of confidential information as well as limiting internet time and kind of sites people can visit, show nothing but your lack of trust. You’ve hired smart people so trust they make smart choices.

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