Hygger Blog for Project Managers and Winning Teams - Part 46

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Tips, best practices and new approaches to management and productivity.

The Role and Importance of Project Integration Management

The Role and Importance of Project Integration Management When different departments in a company work together, managing a project can be really challenging. In order to achieve the results they want, each department that works on the project is using a methodology or framework they are most comfortable with. 


Choosing an Agile Framework: Are You Doing it Right?

Nowadays Agile is a buzz-word that has been widely used in both startups and large corporations. For software development companies adopting Agile means finds an effective approach to address incremental iterations, face-to-face communication and customer quality. Read More

3 Ways to Successfully Adopt WIP Limits (Even When Your Team Resist Them)

Psychologists claim that people receive more than 80% of information through the sense of sight. We write and draw to visualise our thoughts, emotions and things to remember. No wonder visual perception is used to make work easier and more efficient. Read More

Top 2 Management Mistakes that Kill Your Business

If you’re in a leadership position, you may stick to the idea that being a leader means being involved in all aspects of running the company and staying on top of all operations. Right? Wrong. Read More

Communication Pitfalls: Why People Misunderstand What You Say

Communication is a fundamental part of social interactions. Though the art of communication may seem easy to master but in reality, it can get tricky easily and become a source of misunderstandings and conflicts. Read More

SOS: 7 Quick Tips for Effective Steercom Meetings

At it’s core, a steering committee is an advisory committee usually made up of high-level stakeholders and/or experts who provide guidance on key issues such as company policy and objectives, budgetary control, marketing strategy, resource allocation. Read More

Authority vs Accountability: 4 Ways to Make Employees Commit

As a manager, one of the most common communication problems you’re likely to have is accountability vs authority. These two terms are often poorly understood and confused, so it’s important to look at them in detail as they are the key to ensuring employee commitment.
Read More

The One Thing Your Agile Team Might Be Missing

Today almost every software company claims to be agile. However, if we take a closer look at approaches they use, it becomes evident that the real meaning of Agile is often lost. So what doest it really mean to work in an Agile team and deliver products in an Agile way? Read More

6 Must-Have Skills of Highly Effective Help Desk Managers

Being an IT help desk manager is not just about tech and data. Though a solid technical background is a must-have, a successful help desk manager needs a broad range of skills, including communication skills combined with customer service experience and a problem-solving attitude. Read More

Authoritative vs Authoritarian: What Kind of Leader Are You?

The basic definition of leadership is “the power or ability to lead other people,” but there’s a lot more than that.  Some people say leadership is guiding others to complete a particular task, while others believe it means motivating people to be their best selves. And though definitions may vary but the general idea remains the same: leaders know how to set direction, inspire people and achieve goals. Read More

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