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How to Keep and Evolve Ideas Flowing With the Help of Virtual Brainstorming

How to Keep and Evolve Ideas Flowing With the Help of Virtual Brainstorming The age of Covid-19 forces us to adapt to new conditions of work and life, including avoiding work together in the same room.


To Scrum Or Not to Scrum? Pros and Cons To Consider

Scrum is a widely accepted Agile methodology for management and control of software projects; it is optimized to create product iterations on a regular basis. Scrum prospers by the well-defined user stories that can be accomplished and delivered separately, and it also leaves the decision to the team – how much to work during a sprint. Scrum applies common sense artifacts, such as the practice of daily stand-up meetings during which the team members will report on what they’ve done since the last stand-up. Read More

3T Metric: a New Approach to Measuring Business Agility

As we all know organisational agility is important to success. That’s the reason why leading companies make business agility a key corporate attribute and learn to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine. Yet despite understanding the importance of agility, there is much confusion around what it actually is. Read More

4 Specific Ways You Can Benefit from Agile Practices Today

Though we like to view software development as engineering, we must also remember that it is a craft. It takes sound technical skills, a passion for quality, and an open mind to design software that is useful for customers and adds value to a business. Read More

Want Initiative and Innovation? Reward Failure!

We naturally tend to praise winning outcomes and reward success with money and applause. We don’t often stop to think about failed dead-end strategies and missed opportunities. In fact, in many traditional organisations failure in any form is viewed as a bad thing and penalised. Read More

8 Scheduling Tips for Extreme Personal Productivity

Regardless of how successful you already are, everybody would like to be more productive and efficient. Unfortunately, those who are busy with running a company and managing others have to deal with a lot of stress that leads to exactly the opposite – your productivity level decreases dramatically. Read More

5 Reasons Why Virtual Teams are Best for Your Startup

Today many organisations are spread across numerous locations and managing a virtual team becomes one of the toughest tasks. In addition to usual challenges, managers have to deal with different time zones, lack of social interactions, long-distance management, the list goes on. Read More

2 Quick Brainstorming Techniques Every Product Manager Should Know

As we all know, sometimes the solution to a project issue can be really hard to find. Team members can come up with many bright ideas in their own mind, so it’s useful to sit down together, identify the problem, verbalise solutions and see what sticks. Read More

Estimation Pitfalls: Why Software Project Estimates Go Wrong

It’s often the responsibility of a project manager to answer the most frequently asked question: “How long will it take to complete the task?” Even though PMs do their best to give the most well-meant answer but in reality, it is still a big guess. And when it turns out wrong, managers have to explain why software development estimates are so difficult. Read More

Choosing an Agile Framework: Are You Doing it Right?

Nowadays Agile is a buzz-word that has been widely used in both startups and large corporations. For software development companies adopting Agile means finds an effective approach to address incremental iterations, face-to-face communication and customer quality. Read More

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