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7 Best Time Management Apps to Increase Team’s Productivity

Professionals always want to make the most of the 24 hours they have every single day. It seems that there are people who even have 25 or more hours in a day and they still have time to be more happy, efficient and productive. 

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Project Delay, Hackers Attack or Coronavirus: Why Do We Always Need a Contingency Plan?

Are you sure that your team and company are totally ready for sudden floods, fires or tornadoes? What about sudden bankruptcy, project delays or website ransom by hackers?

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Hard Skills vs Soft Skills: What Will Enhance Your Resume Most?

Usually, any resume includes two types of skills: hard skills and soft skills. In the ideal case, they work together to form a strong CV that provides the recruiter a glimpse into a candidate.

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How to Find Your Way Among the Popular Types of Leadership Styles?

Leadership plays an important role in the evolvement processes of any company. If there is no effective and charismatic leader, then a company probably has some difficulties with efficient work.

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What is the “Monkey on Shoulder” Concept in Time Management?

People often feel like they spend the whole day dealing with other people’s to-do lists instead of their own. Does it mean that they are doing more but accomplishing less?  Read More

Digitalization of Management Processes: How it Affects Projects

A business world is moving online. Project managers are gradually forgetting about managing their tasks and processes using a pen and paper, physical whiteboards with sticky notes, and “multifunctional” cubicle office walls.  Read More

How to Run an Effective Performance Review and Get Maximum Benefits

Most managers all over the world once a year arrange a special event with each of their team members. This event is called the annual performance review. Read More

9 Tips on How to Make Self Assessment Meaningful

Writing self assessments may help to reach career goals and contribute to the company’s success, even if it can be stressful and sometimes intimidating. Read More

How to Formulate and Apply SMART Goals and Objectives?

If you deal with business and management, interact with a team, constantly read business literature and somehow concerned about increasing productivity, then you have heard about SMART goals. Read More