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Product Management Education: University Courses in USA and Europe 2021

Product manager is considered to be one of the most demand positions in the world, and it is not accidental. Such a profession means a prestigious job, high salary and many great opportunities in IT industry. That is why it is important to take a sound academic background.

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Fantastic Trio: How Can Program Manager, Product Manager and Project Manager Collaborate Together?

There are so many different roles in project development, and it is so easy to get lost in their concepts and responsibilities. Now it is the time to sift this question to the bottom!

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What is the Role of Product Scorecard in Feature Prioritization?

A product scorecard is a useful and important tool for product managers. There are different scorecards that are focused on financial and customer KPI’s – key performance indicators. Read More

Scrum Master vs Product Owner: Their Differences and Common Aspects

In the projects based on Scrum methodology, there is plenty of professional roles, each of which is valuable for many business processes. But two of the most important persons are considered to be a Scrum Master and Product Manager. What’s the difference? Let’s make it clear!

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What is the Difference Between Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager?

Some professions are clear for understanding and do not require additional explanation. Do you have difficulties when you trying to understand what does a driver, engineer or landscaper do? What about a product manager and product marketing manager? Read More

Profession of a Product Manager: Its Main Features and Benefits for Business

What do we mean when defining such a profession as a product manager? As usual, it seems to us a certain employee whose functions are very similar to the job of the project manager, and both of these professions are regarded as the same. But it is a mistaken opinion.

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Key Steps to Run an Impressive Scrum Meeting

In theory, Scrum meetings are supposed to assist a product owner and teams to communicate and deliver a better product. However, the meetings often go wrong. Read More

10 Canonical Qualities of a Good Manager

What makes a good manager? It definitely depends on so many factors and is different for every situation. The qualities that make a good manager vary greatly depending on the industry, the company and its strategy, specific manager’s goals and objectives, and even the team. Read More

What Are the Factors Affecting Software Product Managers’ Salary?

The salary of product managers in software development companies grows together with the popularity of the profession. This is the proven fact. What are the reasons of high PM salaries? Read More

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