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New Features in Hygger: RICE & ICE Prioritization Types and more!

Hi Hygger community,

Prioritization often influences our business results and the difference between success and failure. There are a million feature requests for development and many if no more stakeholders with conflicting agendas about which should be prioritized. Read More

New Features in Hygger: Advanced Scoring, Mark as Done and more!

Hi folks,

We are ready to announce that Hygger updates its features! We know you want it!

Read More

New Features in Hygger: Board Templates, Integration with Harvest, iCalendar and More!

It is believed that Summer is not the most active time for any updates and releases. But we do not agree with this 🙂 We are glad to introduce you our new features for this June.
Ready? Read More

New features in Hygger: Google Drive, GitLab Integrations and more

Get ready, because we have prepared so many surprises for you. Check out the features you can use now in Hygger: Read More

New feature in Hygger: Task Link and Automatic Backlog Sync

Exciting news – now you can create links between tasks!

With a help of Task Link you can:

  • Indicate which tasks are linked to each other
  • See types of dependency between tasks

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Sprints 2.0: story points, multiple sprints on board, velocity reports and more!

Are you ready for this? New Sprint 2.0 has come out!

You may ask what is new in this upgraded version. We are glad to share!

  • Multiple Sprints on one board
  • Burndown report
  • Velocity report
  • Safe uncompleted tasks
  • Upgraded progress bar
  • Story Points

Read More

Welcome HYGGER: Your Complete Product Management & Project Management Platform

Welcome to Hygger!

Hygger is the all-in-one product and project management tool for Agile teams that empower them to better understand their productivity and take actions to improve the strategy and profitability. Read More

Work in Sync and Deliver Projects Faster with GitHub, BitBucket and Other Cool Integrations & Newest Features

Despite all challenges, we never stopped moving forward. Hygger’s team has been working on new features that were actively requested by our users. And today we’re glad to introduce much-awaited integrations with GitHub, BitBucket, Google Drive, Dropbox as well as new functionality to the web version and our iOS app. Read More

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