New Features in Hygger: RICE & ICE Prioritization Types and more! |


New Features in Hygger: RICE & ICE Prioritization Types and more!

New Features in Hygger: RICE & ICE Prioritization Types and more!

Hi Hygger community,

Prioritization often influences our business results and the difference between success and failure. There are a million feature requests for development and many if no more stakeholders with conflicting agendas about which should be prioritized.

How can product managers improve the ability to prioritize and be focused on key things?

We understand these doubts that’s why we’ve added 2 more prioritization techniques to Hygger: RICE and ICE.


Weighted Scoring


RICE Scoring

RICE is the most popular method of the ideas prioritization. There are 4 values to evaluate your feature or idea:

  • Reach. This factor rates how many people each feature will effect within a certain period of time and how many of them will notice the changes.
  • Impact. It shows how the feature will contribute to the product. How will the project impact your customers?
  • Confidence shows how I’m sure about all my estimation – both about impact and effort (how much my estimations look like a truth).
  • Effort is estimated as a number of “person-months”, weeks or hours, depending on needs. It is the work that one team member can do in a specific month.

RICE model formula, Hygger review

With a RICE score model, you rank proposed features with a Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort, and use the final score you’ve come up with to decide what should be implemented at first.

Read more about how RICE prioritization works in Hygger.


ICE Scoring

ICE is a world-wide used feature prioritization method. According to the scoring model, the formula calculates the final score of the feature value in the following way:

ICE scoring formula, Hygger review

In this formula your assurance in your evaluation is represented by Confidence, the feature effect on the product is Impact, and the Ease is about the easiness of implementation.

Rate all your feature request and choose the most valuable ones to implement.

Read more about ICE prioritization.


Hygger Speed and due date

The last but not the least! We significantly speeded up the process of a task pop up opening and add “Due Date” to the quick task actions. More time on project development!


Read more at Hygger University.

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