Welcome HYGGER: Your Complete Product Management & Project Management Platform


Welcome to Hygger!

Hygger is the all-in-one product and project management tool for Agile teams that empower them to better understand their productivity and take actions to improve the strategy and profitability.

Hygger assists companies to define what’s important for their customers and then build it using Scrum or Kanban:

  • in managing backlog and prioritizing ideas, features and projects to make better product decisions
  • in creating and sharing product roadmaps to align the team on goals
  • in building software using Kanban and Scrum to increase product quality
  • in centralizing communication to improve cross-functional teams’ collaboration


Hygger is a simple and flexible solution to take your team collaboration to the next level. From managing tasks to reporting, time and progress tracking, Hygger has everything a team may need to move the project forward. 

As a team, we embrace the “Hygge” philosophy of mindfulness, togetherness, simpleness and comfort. And Hygger is a reflection of these values – simple to start, comfortable to use yet powerful to run multiple projects and teams without overload.




Do not know what project tracking and team management platform to choose? Try the complete project management service –!

As always, your suggestions and comments are very welcome. For all your questions, please, contact   

You may also search for the answers to questions we’re frequently asked on our FAQ page and learn more about all Hygger opportunities at Hygger University.

Thank you for choosing Hygger! And let’s get started!

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  • Tom Dringer

    Welcome back! Good luck

    • Ira Maniuk

      Hi Tom. Thanks a lot, we are happy to be back and bring more goodies to our users!

  • Jan Robert Johnsen

    So good to hear!! And as a Norwegian – Hygge(r) has the same meaning. I’m so happy my belief in the survival of this superduper service comes through ?

    • Ira Maniuk

      Hi Jan. Thanks for all kind words and for believing in our team! 🙂

  • Min Aung Hein

    Thanks for bringing up magical team and a new brand. Glad to hear !!!

    Welcome Hygger !!!!

    • Ira Maniuk

      Hi Min Aung Hein. Your words mean a lot to our team. Thanks for your support!

  • Reza Mostmand

    I’m glad this worked out at the end 🙂 and I admire your courage to communicate this change as transparently as your team has!
    I do have to get use to the new name, as meaningful as Hygger is, it’s not as catchy and minimal.

    • Ira Maniuk

      Hi Reza. Thank you for the support and staying with Hygger 🙂

  • Simon Fearby

    What is the current burn rate and investor commitment length/time with that burn rate? When will the business not need investors? Still free for sub 10 use teams. Will data remain or do we need to export from Atlaz and reimport into Hygger? What about the mobile apps. Thanks, I can update

    • Ira Maniuk

      Hi Simon. As it was mentioned in the article, Hygger will be running on the existing code and database – no manual data transfer will be needed. All the data you’ve submitted to Atlaz remains safely in Hygger. We will set up redirects from the old domain to a new one.
      Regarding all other questions, please contact me directly at

  • Martin Duys

    This is great news! I am a relative newcomer to the app, but am loving it!

    • Ira Maniuk

      Hi Martin. Thank you very much, and welcome to Hygger!

  • Jean-Nicolas Gauthier

    Nice ! Such great news this morning. Glad I can still work with such an awesome tool, ty Hygger !

    • Ira Maniuk

      Hi Jean. Thanks for staying with Hygger! Promise to keep up the awesomeness 🙂