Welcome HYGGER: Your Complete Product Management & Project Management Platform

Welcome HYGGER: Your Complete Product Management & Project Management Platform

Welcome to Hygger!

Hygger is the all-in-one product and project management tool for Agile teams that empower them to better understand their productivity and take actions to improve the strategy and profitability.

Hygger assists companies to define what’s important for their customers and then build it using Scrum or Kanban:

  • in managing backlog and prioritizing ideas, features and projects to make better product decisions
  • in creating and sharing product roadmaps to align the team on goals
  • in building software using Kanban and Scrum to increase product quality
  • in centralizing communication to improve cross-functional teams’ collaboration


Hygger is a simple and flexible solution to take your team collaboration to the next level. From managing tasks to reporting, time and progress tracking, Hygger has everything a team may need to move the project forward. 

As a team, we embrace the “Hygge” philosophy of mindfulness, togetherness, simpleness and comfort. And Hygger is a reflection of these values – simple to start, comfortable to use yet powerful to run multiple projects and teams without overload.


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Thank you for choosing Hygger! And let’s get started!

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