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Smart Roadmap: Nothing About Formality, All for Product Benefits


A product roadmap is a powerful armory in product manager’s hands. As any strategist is able to manage his armory and knows how and when to apply it, so product managers should also be able to tactically apply their advanced product roadmap and use special tools for these goals.

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How to Become a Guru of Prioritization?


Managers who are able to determine priorities are successful strategists.

There are dozens of smart technologies and methods to improve these skills. However, any methodology is effective in its context and can have absolutely no sense in applying to a particular product.

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How to Turn Product Manager’s Routine into Rock-n-Roll?


Even the most responsible team member periodically has “burnouts” at work. Product managers know that very often tasks and processes can quickly grow into the routine.

You know that sometimes a product can be developed not according to the plan and in a desirable way. Some tasks can take a long time without results and cause doubts. Then despondency appears.

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Is it possible to improve time management and become more creative at the same time?


Mikhail Liakh, Soft Skills Co-founder and coach, shares some insights about productivity and creativity skills.

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17 Must-Have Features for Agile Software Development and Best Trello Alternative


Trello is a very useful and convenient tool that told the world about Kanban. It is suitable for managing any projects. However, Trello’s versatility is also its drawback – once you need something more specific, for example, a Burndown chart, WIP limits or time tracking for software development or agile development, this is when troubles begin. You need to look for plugins or register in a third-party software, for example, in Toggl and pay $9 (!) for the ability to track time and view the simplest time reports.

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Best Jira Alternative for Agile Software Development


If you are into in Agile software development, you probably know about Jira. However, not everyone likes Jira and here is why:

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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Sprint Length for Your Project


Magic comes from the heart, and the heart of Scrum is the sprint. Many teams choose their sprint length without too much thought. And chances are it will works out. In optimism we trust after all.

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10 Guaranteed Ways to Screw Up an IT Project


Your IT project will inevitably run into bumps along the way. However, there are things that can end up silently killing it. IT executives and project management experts can name dozens of reasons why projects get off track. We are starting with the top 10 ways to derail a project – and how to avoid these pitfalls.

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7 Habits of Highly Productive Software Developers


The productivity of software developers is crucial to project success. It has a direct impact on the progress of the entire team, and on how ‘strong’ a product will be. Here are simple yet effective habits that will help you become a high-performing team player, boost your productivity, increase the overall output and free time to spend it on other activities.

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7 Most Common Mistakes IT Departments Make


According to the Standish Group, only 29 percent of IT projects are completed successfully. Nearly 70 percent of projects fail because of poor planning, communication, resource allocation and cost-overruns. The problem is that most companies follow the standard project management processes and make the same mistakes over and over again.

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4 Golden Rules to Make Your Meeting More Successful


Communication is the key to success in project management. Face-to-face meetings have been – and always will be – part of that communication. But no matter how important they are said to be, face-to-face meetings are often a sheer waste of time and take away valuable minutes (and even hours) from other activities.

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10 Tips to Reach Project Planning Goals and Get Quality Results


Being a successful project manager requires the ability to focus on and handle multiple tasks. Unfortunately, many PMs, whether they realise it or not, fail to split and group tasks around specific goals and don’t prioritise them enough. Instead, they do everything at once which decreases the likelihood that the project will be finished on time and within budget.

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