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Quick Tips on How to Run Effective All-Hands Meetings

Quick Tips on How to Run Effective All-Hands Meetings Any business meeting is an effective way for companies to share valuable information in person. Meetings can be comprised of small groups, involving specific departments or management.


Team Motivation in Scrum

Each software development methodology requires its own methods of team motivation. In most cases they are defined by the structure of teams that is typical for a certain project management methodology. However, some of the team motivation techniques are common for the entire software development industry. In this article we will describe the process and types of team motivation in Scrum. However, it is impossible to do that without understanding the definition of the methodology and the structure of its teams. That is why we have to begin with their descriptions. Read More

4 Steps to Planning Game in Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming is a popular Agile method of software development. It is aimed at providing the customer the final product within the shortest amount of time. XP has lots of tools to achieve this goal. Read More

Team Motivation in Kanban

Like any other popular software development methodologies, Kanban has a particular approach to software engineering and a particular type of teams. The motivational practices used in this methodology strongly depend on them. In this article we will describe these practices. But before doing that it is necessary to give the proper definition of Kanban and describe the typical structure of its teams. Read More

Who is the Boss? or Why Cutting the Product Manager in Half Can Be a Total Disaster

The best product managers deal in complex environments where they are responsible for the successful product development. Their contribution is recognized externally because they are product experts, and they are trusted internally because they collaborate with the clients and are “thought” leaders in the project. Read More

Team Motivation in Extreme Programming

There is probably no software developer in the world that hasn’t heard of Extreme Programming. This methodology is considered very effective. Some specialists even call it the most effective software development methodology. Like other project management methods, it has its own means of team motivation. In this article we will discuss them. But before doing that we have to describe the methodology itself and the typical structure of its teams. It is hard to understand the principles of team motivation without doing that. Read More

Team Motivation in Lean

If you are a software developer, or a manager of a software development company, you probably know that motivation of your employees is a significant part of your work. The types of this motivation often depend on the methodology you use and the structure of your team. In this article we will tell you about team motivation in Lean. But before doing that, we have to give the proper definition of Lean methodology and describe the structure of its teams. Read More

7 Easy Steps to Define Perfect Budget for Agile Projects

Many people assume that budget estimation for agile projects is impossible because of the nature of agile projects, which is wrong.

In some cases you really don’t know the full scope of a project on its inception. This fact is the same for all waterfall projects, as well as for the agile projects, so it’s an incorrect assumption to claim that this is the main reason why agile projects can not be properly budgeted upfront. Read More

9 Key Principles to Run a Successful Lean Product Team

1. The Product Team

Agile development methodology requires the development team to interact with a single “product owner”. This “role” is designated to decide what gets built, how it will behave, and whether it will be delivered to the specification. Also, the product owner represents the clients and external stakeholders, so that the developers can focus on building software. Read More

The Essential Guide to Effective Risk Management in Scrum

Like every other method of software development, Scrum has its risks. Sometimes they are similar to the risks of other methodologies. In other cases, these are special risks typical only for Agile methods. In any case, the best thing to do about risks is to avoid them. If the risk has already occurred, its influence on the process of product development must be minimized. Read More

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