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How to Keep and Evolve Ideas Flowing With the Help of Virtual Brainstorming

How to Keep and Evolve Ideas Flowing With the Help of Virtual Brainstorming The age of Covid-19 forces us to adapt to new conditions of work and life, including avoiding work together in the same room.


Kaizen-Communication-Culture: 3 Secrets for Scaling Your Business

One of the biggest problems faced by medium-sized and large organisations comes down to scaling. There are few difficulties when you start your business with 10 people working together – everyone knows their role, communication is simple and decisions are made quickly. But as you business becomes successful and grows in profit and employees, here is when problems begin. Read More

Opportunities Are Everywhere… Are You Taking Them?

No doubt careful planning is important to reach our goals but you can’t foresee everything. Sometimes things go completely out of the plan and you face “surprises”. It’s best to keep your mind open and your plan flexible because a thriving business is all about seizing opportunities, no matter how unexpected they may be. Read More

Visionary Leadership: Two Key Skills Every CEO Should Master

What is the core skill that separates leaders from managers?  According to Rob-Jan de Jong, author of Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead, “one of the most important qualities of leaders is the ability to lead and engage others with your future-oriented, purposeful picture of the future.”

Unfortunately, business leaders often spend so much time struggling with today’s problems that they don’t devote enough time to preparing for tomorrow’s challenges. Read More

Agile Learner: Who Is It and Why Should You Care?

There have been many talks about the “Agile mindset”, but what does that mean? You must have heard a lot about the Agile Manifesto that values individuals and processes over tools; working software over comprehensive documentation; customer collaboration over contract negotiation and responding to change over following a plan. But is this what being Agile means? Read More

Don’t Stand in Line for Mediocrity – Dare to Be Different!

Unfortunately, many people are trapped in mediocrity in all aspects of their lives: job, relationships, lifestyle, you name it. They accept things for what they are, without much thought on if they are living the lives they really want. And even though they may feel something isn’t right, they don’t take a single step to change it. Read More

To ERP or Not to ERP: What Every Business Needs to Know

In project management terminology, resources are all the items that are required to carry out the project activities. They include people, equipment, finance, vehicles, locations or anything that you use repeatedly to complete tasks. All these elements are interrelated and linked to the scope of the project. Each of them must be estimated and managed effectively if you want the project to be a success. Read More

10 Facts Every Manager Should Know About Employee Engagement

The concept of “employee engagement” has been with us for many years but creating a high-performance work environment is still a burning issue for many companies. Many organisations believe it’s enough to select the right people who fit in well with the team and send managers to “sensitivity training” to make the work environment humane and enjoyable. But true employee engagement requires much more than that. Read More

Is Traditional PM Holding You Back from Agile Transformation?

Today when more and more Agile transformations take place, “successful managers” often turns out to be the ‘cancer’ for their organisations. And even though we get accustomed to the fact that successful PMs are seen as heroes who make things happen and drive the team to accomplish the impossible, but the reality is quite different. Read More

A Quick and Easy Guide to Starting a Project Management Office

Today more and more companies decide to launch a Project Management Office (PMO) – a department within a business that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organisation. But setting up a PMO is not an easy task as there is no one and only approach and you have to develop a tailored design to introduce it into your regular operations. Read More

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