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Special Aspects of Healthcare Project Management

Nowadays project management is required everywhere because its use can help to control costs, improve outcomes and reduce risks. Project management in various disciplines and industries is the process of planning, organizing, and executing a set of steps to accelerate resource use and reach specific goals.  Read More

How to Formulate and Apply SMART Goals and Objectives?

If you deal with business and management, interact with a team, constantly read business literature and somehow concerned about increasing productivity, then you have heard about SMART goals. Read More

To Do List: Its Benefits and Assets for Business

A To-do list is considered to be the most simple way of work planning and evaluating personal busyness. But is it enough for more serious business tasks? Let’s investigate this issue!

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Product Management Education: University Courses in USA and Europe 2021

Product manager is considered to be one of the most demand positions in the world, and it is not accidental. Such a profession means a prestigious job, high salary and many great opportunities in IT industry. That is why it is important to take a sound academic background.

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Guiding On a Project Charter: The Main Business Value and Tips for Its Perfect Creation

The primary target in project management is to set up a streamlined workflow, a flawless execution of all tasks, and high-quality communication. Sometimes verbal agreements can not be enough for it – and here comes to assistance such a thing as a project charter.

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3+ Best Tips How to Turn Kickoff Meeting Into a Great Business Cooperation

What do we actually know about a kickoff meeting? First of all, it is a ground zero for the further work on a project. And it is quite important to be prepared for this meeting properly and reach the necessary agreements in business issues.

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Project Manager Responsibilities: The Role and Main Functions for Business

Present IT industry is accelerating its growth rate and improving the quality and performance of all services. The high level of the maintenance and development of projects is usually a merit of such a specialist as project manager.

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Key Product Manager Skills that are Required for Great PM Career

A successful product manager is the first representative of a product. It requires being a strong ambassador for connection the product with the outside world. Read More

What Are the Product Manager Career Path Options?

Names and titles can determine your destiny. In fact, the way you are titled in your company may influence many issues and strategic points. Just a title but it can predetermine your professional path and influence the life of the whole team and the product fate. Read More

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