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20 Online Tools Enhancing The Process of Managing Remote Teams

Recent events related to coronavirus, fires in Australia and other unplanned cases have shown that managing remote employees is a skill all project managers rapidly need to learn.

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Best Trello Alternatives Relevant in 2021

Trello is a well-known online tool in the software development world. Many companies all over the world use it predominantly for Kanban project management. 

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To Do List: Its Benefits and Assets for Business

A To-do list is considered to be the most simple way of work planning and evaluating personal busyness. But is it enough for more serious business tasks? Let’s investigate this issue!

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3 Main Agile Processes That Help Your Project Development

We continue to delve into the study of the features of Agile methodology because it is a truly inexhaustible topic. And today would like to touch the essence of the project development processes in Agile.

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4+ Effective Recommendations on How to Be Productive in Project Management

What do you usually mean by the word ‘productivity’? Perhaps, it is a kind of criterion that allows specialists to evaluate the significance of the work done. Actually, it is just the tip of it, and today we study this question properly.

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Product Metrics: The Best Choice for The Best Business Results

Every product that is created or that is in the process of its creation should meet the specific expectations of its creators and be suitable for its users in accordance with its specific parameters. Read More

Pros and Cons of Using Excel for Project Management

Excel is considered to be one of the traditional satellites of the work of many management specialists, especially for project managers. And it is not surprising – Excel is a great program with a large number of possibilities.

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How to Prioritize Product Features? Guide for Product Managers

Choosing the right features for development, filtering the most important of them and skipping less urgent ones – it is all about the Art of Prioritization Read More

How Do Gantt Charts Make Project Managers’ Life Easier?

Most project managers are aware of Gantt Charts that help them to increase productivity and efficiency and ensure that tasks and projects are completed on time.

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