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Combining Scrum And Kanban: The Best Of Both Worlds

Scrum and Kanban software development methodologies are the subjects of permanent debates and choice among programmers. Both are popular Agile approaches, however, both have their own practices, principles, and concepts. Read More

How to Run a Proper Sprint Planning Meeting

A Sprint planning meeting is an event that is organized in a Scrum team before the start of each Sprint. Its main goal is to determine a proper plan and set the key Sprint goal. Read More

Scrum vs Kanban: Pointless Fights All Agile Teams Have

The concept of Agile has gradually gone far beyond the IT industry. Nowadays many entrepreneurs and companies apply Agile methodology and do need any alternative. Read More

Professional Advice for Successful Scrum Project Management

One of the universal project management systems is considered to be Scrum technique. If earlier Scrum concerned notably to IT sphere and software development – nowadays the similar experience is actively adopted by many other industries. Read More

Understanding Sprint Burndown Chart in Scrum Project Management

Project management does not imply approximations or inaccuracy. Therefore, there are so many numbers, schemes and precise charts in methodologies, tools, and services’ functionality. Read More

Scrum Master vs Product Owner: Their Differences and Common Aspects

In the projects based on Scrum methodology, there is plenty of professional roles, each of which is valuable for many business processes. But two of the most important persons are considered to be a Scrum Master and Product Manager. What’s the difference? Let’s make it clear!

Read More

Dozen of Rules for Running an Awesome Daily Huddle Meeting

People say that the ability to run a daily huddle is not a great talent. Actually, it seems quite simple, like another meeting.   Read More

Key Steps to Run an Impressive Scrum Meeting

In theory, Scrum meetings are supposed to assist a product owner and teams to communicate and deliver a better product. However, the meetings often go wrong. Read More

What are the Key Responsibilities of a Scrum Master?

It’s impossible to imagine any successful Scrum teamwork without a leader, Scrum Master. This person resolves impediments and control all the Scrum processes. Read More

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