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The Role of a Free Schedule Maker in Boosting Personal and Team Productivity

People often bristle at the idea of applying a schedule maker. They want to avoid plans and restrictions, preferring the freedom to tackle things as they come up. Read More

Developing a Schedule Management Plan: Essential Components and Milestones

Time is an expensive commodity that cannot be bought. That is why any project requires a clear or at least approximate schedule, which takes this time into account.  Read More

Project Delay, Hackers Attack or Coronavirus: Why Do We Always Need a Contingency Plan?

Are you sure that your team and company are totally ready for sudden floods, fires or tornadoes? What about sudden bankruptcy, project delays or website ransom by hackers?

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4 Great Tips on How to Create Your Work Plan

The spontaneous execution of work tasks is considered to be a bad form in any profession – almost all specialists tend to schedule their work. So that is why it is important to make a proper work planning!

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Everything You Should Know About User Story Mapping

Comfortable work in the project development process depends directly on its competent planning and distribution of tasks in the right form and order. One of such most convenient systems is the user story mapping.

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Guiding On a Project Charter: The Main Business Value and Tips for Its Perfect Creation

The primary target in project management is to set up a streamlined workflow, a flawless execution of all tasks, and high-quality communication. Sometimes verbal agreements can not be enough for it – and here comes to assistance such a thing as a project charter.

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GIST Planning is a New Way to Manage Products Successfully

A product roadmap is a must-have strategic tool for any product manager. Are there alternatives? Read More

3 Types of Release Planning & Its Value For Your Business

Where does every new project trace its roots? Many developers think it all starts in the code – but the truth is that every new project is started with the idea how it can be released. What an endeavor it is!

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