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PHP Issue Tracking

Every modern team of software developers uses issue tracking tools. That is because of the fact that there is no software development project that does not contain issues. PHP issue tracking systems are extremely popular among the developers today. In this article we will tell you about them.

Before describing the main features of PHP tracking systems it is necessary to find the definition for PHP.

PHP stands for “Hypertext processor”. It is actually the name of a popular programming language. It has been extremely popular among the developers all over the world in recent years. The popularity of this programming language is partially due to its simplicity. Most developers say that it is quite simple to write their software in PHP. All PHP products are open source. Most of them are also web-based. It means that you should not pay for the applications developed in PHP. You can find them on the Internet and use them whenever you want. Probably that is the reason why many developers prefer to use PHP issue tracking software. These applications may have various designs. Sometimes they even have different functionality. But there is one feature that unites them: all of them are written in PHP.

Now, as we know what PHP is, let’s talk about the specific features of PHP issue tracking software.

Generally, there are two reasons why you should use PHP issue tracking tools for your software development project.

The first reason is their price. As we have already mentioned, all software created in PHP is open source. That means that you are not obliged to pay for it. Most people are used to paid issue tracking applications. They usually think that free issue trackers are less functional. However, that is not always so. Modern level of software development industry allows the developers to create high quality products being on a tight budget. This fully applies to PHP issue tracking tools.

The second reason is the functionality of PHP issue trackers. Usually it is extremely wide. Many people cannot believe that they are able to get issue tracking applications with such functionality for free. However, it is true. Some PHP issue trackers are used like project management tools because of their wide functionality. They are able to perform most tasks without human involvement. It is a very convenient feature because it allows the developers to save time for other necessary tasks.

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