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How to Keep and Evolve Ideas Flowing With the Help of Virtual Brainstorming

How to Keep and Evolve Ideas Flowing With the Help of Virtual Brainstorming The age of Covid-19 forces us to adapt to new conditions of work and life, including avoiding work together in the same room.


Lean Bug Tracking Software

Bug tracking is probably the most important issue in modern software development industry. That can be explained by the fact that bugs are errors in the product’s code that impact its functionality negatively. If a software product contains too much bugs, it works improperly. That is why every software development team has a certain amount of bug tracking tools for their projects. In this article we will tell you about Lean bug tracking tools, their functionality, and process of work. But before doing that we have to find the proper definition for bug tracking. Read More

Lean Team Building

The structure of teams differs significantly from one methodology to another. That is why it is necessary to know how to build a proper team for a certain methodology. In this article we will tell you about Lean team building activities. But before doing that, it is necessary to give the definition of a Lean team and describe its main distinctive features. Read More

5 Laws of Software Estimates – Explored, Explained and Debunked

1. Estimates are fixed

Software estimates are not always exact and fixed, mainly because of the fact that team members are different personas. By estimating one team member, you can not predict how long it might take another team member to complete a task. Read More

A Brief Introduction To Software Defect Tracking System

To find out what the software defect tracking system is, it is necessary to understand the nature of software defect tracking. Generally, software defect tracking can be defined as a process of detecting defects, reporting on them, and fixing them. It is an important part of product testing. Read More

Do You Make These 5 Mistakes in Agile Adoption?

You should know that Agile methodology is not something you can implement, it is an approach that you can try to achieve. So, you do not apply Agile, you just employ techniques that help you become agile; that gives you the ability to make good moves and to become adaptable and resourceful. So what is the real development direction for many individuals and companies? Read More

21 Success Tips Every Project Manager Should Know

Managing software projects is not an easy task. It entails a careful balancing of stakeholder interests and several factors such as limited resources, time constraints, evolving technology and unrealistic demands. This article covers 21 helpful tips to manage projects effectively. These tips have been classified into the following categories: Read More

6 Warning Signs That Your Project Is Sick

All project managers, in general, expect that things will go well. Also, some people may look for positive aspects, even when all signs are pointing to trouble. The projects are with a finite duration and with clear goals, so this human habit to be optimistic can be very dangerous. If you continue to believe that things are fine when they are not, you will continue doing what you have always done. You may continue your old habits even when a change is in order. Read More

Lean Software Tracking Tools

The issue of project management and its aspects is extremely topical for every software development methodology. That can be explained by the fact that improper management may lead any project to failure. Today software developers use various project management applications to handle the process of project management. In this article we will tell you about tools for Lean software tracking. But it is necessary to give the full definition of this notion, before doing that. Read More

Know the Difference: Why Agile Does Not Equal Scrum

Some people often ask questions like: “What is the difference between Agile and Scrum methodologies?” To answer them it is necessary to understand that this question is formulated in the wrong way. That is because of the lack of knowledge about Agile and Scrum methodologies. Read More

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