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A Brief Introduction To Software Defect Tracking System

A Brief Introduction To Software Defect Tracking System

To find out what the software defect tracking system is, it is necessary to understand the nature of software defect tracking. Generally, software defect tracking can be defined as a process of detecting defects, reporting on them, and fixing them. It is an important part of product testing.

The process of defect tracking has four main stages:

1. At the first stage, the defects should be detected by the users involved in the testing process or by the team that conducts it.

2. After that, the defects are reported. A typical defect report contains all necessary information on the defect including the data on its type and possible ways of correction.

3. The third stage is the stage of defect fixing. This is the task of the developers. They must fix the defect and make sure that the product works properly.

4. At the fourth stage of the defect tracking process, the reports are placed in the defect list to make it possible to fix similar bugs in the future.

A defect tracking system is an application that helps the developers perform all of the above-mentioned activities. Modern defect tracking tools have an extremely large functionality, so most of them are often used as project management tools. They can also visualize the process of bug tracking which makes them very convenient.

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