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3+ Best Advantages and Examples of Marketing Roadmap Templates Using

3+ Best Advantages and Examples of Marketing Roadmap Templates Using

There are lots of ready-made technological solutions of business and development planning that do their job well. And the more business, the more specific helpers company requires in order to make the entire workflow more appropriate.

Today we consider in detail such a convenient tool as a marketing roadmap, identify its best advantages and meet with great examples of its use.


Marketing Roadmap: its concept & advantages

To start with, it is worth considering what the product roadmap is like. Initially the tool presented itself as an excellent way of long-term or short-term work planning. It was used prevalently by IT developers in order to understand visually the current situation and the tasks status during the process of a product development. Besides, all typical product roadmaps looked like Excel or Word files with nondescript graphs or diagrams.

Usually roadmap templates vary by:

  • operation format (offline applications, online or cloud-based);
  • type of purposes (strategy building, product release or feature announcement)
  • team execution (technological employees, managers, project directors, etc.)

Nowadays, modern product roadmap template is a part of high-qualified technological applications that provide a wide variety of helpful functions for work processes planning.

What does make this tool so in demand? Certainly, it gives a great possibility to have a broad view of the whole process of the project’s work, even if you’re a young product manager without experience. And that is not all – let’s see more advantages and good examples of its use!


Advantage 1. Real and direct work strategy

Marketing roadmap not only allows specialists to create a complete scheme and detail the tasks at the main stages of development, but also brings the product to the level of the most essential and desired goal for a certain working period – it is the new team’s strategy.

Using it and following all the steps is a key feature of the successful work. At the same time, the roadmap template makes all employees to be invited in one workflow together, and everyone knows that each component is important and is considered to be an integral part of success.


Advantage 2. Communication simplifying and work transparency

This feature seems to be too obvious but it’s still worth mentioning. Detailed task description makes all the work transparent, i.e., more understandable and intelligible. If earlier something could seem chaotic and unrealizable, now it is all clear for everyone.

Moreover, each stage of the work can be discussed not only by team members but also with the direct client or customer of this product. Indeed, roadmaps erase the barriers between the parties, and there is no place for misunderstanding and contentious issues.


Advantage 3. Time-saving & easy way for progress monitoring


Work communication


No doubts that this tool really saves time of work: it does not have to organize long, not always effective meetings and listen to each employee about his success. All the actions of every worker are available in a convenient digital format.

As we mentioned earlier, this tool is useful to visualize work processes. Therewith, it also gives complete control and monitoring of the fulfillment of the assigned tasks. This possibility is assisted not only by the appearance of itself but also by means of a checklist introduction, timelines, and correct notifications in case of any task execution or its overdue.


Great examples of roadmap templates using

There is plenty of different roadmap templates and patterns that are quite popular in many industries among such specialists, as follows:

  • IT project managers, product managers, supervisors, and executives
  • marketing and advertising experts (marketers, SMM specialists, and event managers)
  • business consulting professionals

Now it is time to see how it works – we have prepared several excellent examples where this tool is used in different cases and of different purposes.


Example 1. Exhibition plan with Hygger roadmap

Here we can exemplify a good marketing roadmap template for the exhibition: in accordance with Hygger service, the plan was created and implemented in the following way:


roadmap marketing plan template hygger


As it can be seen, marketing managers have seven primary tasks for the coming event that are logically and conveniently listed in terms of their importance and relevance.

Managers also may open the task they need from the list and look at the subtasks included in it, as well as on their terms and some features of the implementation of the present stage:


product marketing roadmap hygger


Everything looks great: the visualization of the roadmap is impressed by its convenience and the possibility of color scheme choice for horizontal lines of subtasks.


Example 2. Product launch planning

Next case of roadmap templates using is the product launch implementation – it is a very important stage of the development process where it is necessary to keep in touch with all involved people.

We can demonstrate you one more good Hygger product template feature – it is the ‘Comments’ section:


business roadmap marketing hygger


Here the customer or other engaged specialists can write their questions, wishes or comments on the named task, and all the notes are ready to go to so-called backlogs that can be collected as some new recommendations and necessary requirements for the project.


Example 3. Marketing plan realization

Roadmap in the marketing sphere is one of the most frequently used tools, and it is not accidentally. Continuing to explore the Hygger service abilities, we are ready to consider one more interesting example of these functions realization – it is a checklist for tasks, as follows:


roadmap templates marketing hygger


Such a marketing roadmap template allows team members to easily track the current progress and the timely execution of subtasks according to the checklist. Thus, control takes place without any outside pressure.



All the advantages of roadmap templates using reviewed by us are just a small part of how much it could facilitate and improve the work on any project. Having tried this practice once, it is absolutely possible to introduce roadmap templates into habitual use. What is more, it is good for not only some global purposes – these templates fit perfectly into everyday planning. All it disciplines and makes the whole working process a real harmonious organism.

If you are attracted by the implementation of a roadmap into your business workflow or your future projects need the technology or product like Hygger, read more our applicable articles on the present topic, and you will find more interesting facts and tips.

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