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All About Daily Kanban Stand Up: 15 Minutes that Accelerate Release


There is а tradition in IT companies – to arrange daily internal meetings in the format of a stand-up or just a short meeting that are aimed to optimize work processes and synchronize the work of all team members. It is recommended to limit such meetings up to 15-20 minutes.

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8 Kanban Boards Examples


The key to a successful kanban workflow is a constant improvement. You can make your process better by visualizing the work steps to help you action the visible bottlenecks.

But how do you define a workflow process to begin with?

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How to Choose the Best Approach Among Different Project Management Methodologies?


The large family of management methodologies consists of many different members like any other large family. Some of them are distinguished by traditional views and approaches, some have very narrow interests and cannot get along with everyone, and some are considered very flexible and open to changes.

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What’s the Difference Between Scrum and Kanban?


It’s always crucial to learn all details and choose the best solution if you have two equal options. Choosing between the methods of development management is also not an easy thing, especially if it is Scrum or Kanban.


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Why Trello is not an Ideal Solution for Agile Software Development


Trello is a really handy and universal tool which is based on Kanban Boards. Unfortunately, Kanban boards in Trello are too simplified. They work perfectly well for managing common tasks but when it comes to agile software development they’re lack of many things.

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13 Benefits of Kanban for Software Development


What is Kanban?

Imagine a Toyota center. You liked that Toyota Camry and paid a deposit. There was no car in a color you wanted and therefore your order went to a Toyota factory in Houston. You were notified when your car would be delivered, and the car is being produced for you starting from this moment. So they work according to the “sell first then produce” rule, in other words it’s the “Just In Time” rule. First you come up with the time and goal, then a work plan for achieving the goal. 

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17 Must-Have Features for Agile Software Development and Best Trello Alternative


Trello is a very useful and convenient tool that told the world about Kanban. It is suitable for managing any projects. However, Trello’s versatility is also its drawback – once you need something more specific, for example, a Burndown chart, WIP limits or time tracking for software development or agile development, this is when troubles begin. You need to look for plugins or register in a third-party software, for example, in Toggl and pay $9 (!) for the ability to track time and view the simplest time reports.

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Scrum vs Kanban: Pointless Fights All Agile Teams Have


I saw many Scrum teams that moved to Kanban. They said they got many reasons to do that. Here are the most popular ones:

  • “Scrum doesn’t work for us. Let’s try Kanban.”
  • “Scrum meetings take too much time.”
  • “Scrum retrospectives are so annoying. They look more like a club of anonymous complainers.”
  • “Kanban is simple as ABC. You only need a board with three columns: To Do, Doing, Done.”

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Know the Difference: A Quick Guide to Agile Software Development Methodologies


From tiny startups to massive Fortune 500 corporations, it seems like everyone these days is interested in making their software development more “agile.” The four main tenets of the Agile Manifesto,” written in 2001, are:

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Scrum, Lean, Kanban: Choosing a PM Approach that Won’t Screw Up


Fancy terminology and buzzwords – this is what modern project management is all about. Outsiders may hear words like Scrum, Kanban, Lean and wonder whether they are reading about project management or a notoriously difficult book by another “great” novelist.

When it comes to choosing a project management approach, even profs get confused. The bad news, the wrong framework is a recipe for disaster. And if you screw up, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. The good news, none of these frameworks – Scrum, Lean or Kanban – is actually as complicated as it may sound.

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5 Questions to Answer When Choosing Kanban Software


The Kanban methodology dates back to the late 1940s but it has gained a wide popularity among today’s software teams as it is designed to provide better work visualization and more flexibility for ongoing process improvement.

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5 Essential Lean Metrics To Improve Work Flow


Contrary to a popular belief, though Lean was originated from the Japanese manufacturing industry, today it can be applied to every business and every process. Being Lean means ensuring everything you do in your work processes adds value. This philosophy has turned Lean into a widely-used approach to identify wasteful practices, reduce costs, and increase quality.

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