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10 Ways to Become a More Well Rounded Person

We live and work in the world of specialization. This is a rather new era compared to the one our parents lived in. Did you remember how they insisted we complement our science knowledge with a few humanities and art electives? It seemed rather important for them.  Read More

11 Best Books to Improve Willpower and Self Discipline

Self discipline isn’t a natural characteristic we are born with. It’s something that most people try to develop over many years. Read More

How to Become a Super Boss: Developing Leadership Skills

What do we usually hear when we need a certain advice in some obscure situations? It is like ‘be strong, be patient, do not hurry and stay cool’ – all it is not just empty phrases, it is a proclivity to be better than that and, therefore, to lead the situation properly.

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Beneficial Tips on How to Manage a Proper Cross-Functional Collaboration

There is one statement that variety is the very spice of life. But when a variety comes to any business processes, it may become the start of big changes, for example, such as a cross-functional collaboration – what a real spectrum!

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Work Timer Systems: Why Is it Worth Practicing Them Nowadays?

Time is money and rightly so! It is considered to be a common business practice to use such a system as work timer that allows employees to know how much hours they spend at their work and how their team is effective.

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30 Interview Questions for Product Managers to Reveal Their Potentials

An interview is a dialogue. It is a stress. It can be a real testing. This even can be a dominance of one of the participants, but it is always a dialogue. It’s important to be prepared for this dialogue no matter what side of the table you occupy. Read More

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