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Must-have or Time Wasting? 10 Rules of Efficient Brainstorming in IT companies


“Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships”. This is a quote from Michael Jordan and actually, he is right. Any successful decision, whether it is a victory in a championship or the release of a new product, is achieved through the efforts of the whole team. Where does the path to success begin?

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What Are the Ways to Become a Great Growth Hacker? 25 Useful Resources and Tips


Is Growth hacking a medicine for business or just another cheesy phenomenon that tomorrow will die?

It’s rather difficult to agree with the latest statement because the “hacking” technologies of the growth strategy are expanding year by year. This phenomenon is not so young, by the way.

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How to Become a Guru of Prioritization?


Managers who are able to determine priorities are successful strategists.

There are dozens of smart technologies and methods to improve these skills. However, any methodology is effective in its context and can have absolutely no sense in applying to a particular product.

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How to Turn Product Manager’s Routine into Rock-n-Roll?


Even the most responsible team member periodically has “burnouts” at work. Product managers know that very often tasks and processes can quickly grow into the routine.

You know that sometimes a product can be developed not according to the plan and in a desirable way. Some tasks can take a long time without results and cause doubts. Then despondency appears.

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Is it possible to improve time management and become more creative at the same time?


Mikhail Liakh, Soft Skills Co-founder and coach, shares some insights about productivity and creativity skills.

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5 Lies Project Managers Tell Themselves that Make Teamwork Fail


Think about the role of a project manager: how much easier would it be if you had to manage projects without the ‘people part’? Sounds soooo good, right? But when it comes to project management, people are part of the package – and the problem is, the package doesn’t have an instruction. You have to figure out yourself how to unpack and make it work.

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Solo Scrumming 101: How to Use Scrum for Personal Productivity


Bet you had days when you’d go like “Well… I replied to some emails, had lunch, researched the project I’m working on, surfed Facebook, answered some more emails, did some more research… and that’s it”. And by the end of the day, you went nuts trying to do whatever was left.

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3 Things Only Top Project Managers Do


A lot of good project managers follow the ‘best’ practices that are popular in their industry. Traditionally, this comes down to detailed project planning, budget and schedule monitoring, change management … you name it. But if these practices are so brilliant and following them as a routine should guarantee success, then why does the rate of project failures remain so high?

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5 Secrets to Climbing the Career Ladder for Project Managers


Everyone wants to get ahead and give their career a boost. Project managers are no difference. So what skills can help you advance your project management career? Here are top five things you will make you get ahead and become a much-in-demand PM.

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This is What Every Developer Should Know about Project Management


It’s never easy to deliver quality software that fulfils all the requirements and hits the budget and estimates. Here is what every developer should know about project management to successfully accomplish coding and non-coding tasks.

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6 Quick and Budget-Friendly Ways to Increase Project Management Knowledge


As business environment changes faster and faster, and projects become more complex, PMs have to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills to stay afloat and be successful. Project management involves multiple disciplines, and learning new stuff in this field may seem overwhelming and even intimidating at times. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

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5 Proven Tips to Make Software Development More Efficient


If software development is part of your business, chances are it has the biggest impact on whether you succeed or not. Some companies are lucky to have a great development team, others are less fortunate. But no matter how talented and driven your team members are, the question is always, how can you make them even more efficient and productive?

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