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Open Source Issue Tracking Software

Modern software development industry has lots of issue tracking systems. Developers all over the world use them to manage their projects. That is because of the fact that every software development project requires issue management. The selection of issue tracking software is extremely wide. That is why it is necessary to describe some kinds of it in greater detail. Open source issue tracking software is one of them. In this article we will tell you about it. But before doing that it is necessary to say a few words about the process of issue tracking to understand the tasks of issue management applications.

Issue tracking is a process aimed at detecting issues, reporting on them, fixing them, and creating issue lists. Its main goal is to improve the final product and remove all things that can impact it negatively. A typical software product contains lots of issues, so there is always something to fix in it.

The issue tracking process has four sequential stages:

Issue detection;

Issue reporting;

Correction of issues;

Formulation of the issue list.

A good issue tracking tool must be able to perform most of them automatically. It allows the developers to save time for other necessary tasks and pay greater attention to the quality of their product.

Most developers define two types of issue tracking software: paid issue trackers, and online issue tracking systems.

Let’s draw a comparison between online issue tracking tools and paid issue management applications.

Most developers consider paid issue trackers inconvenient. Partially that is because of the fact that in most cases you need to load them on your computer to start using them. Additionally, the price is a great disadvantage. For many software development teams it is a problem, because their budget is low and they cannot afford buying expensive software.

Open source issue tracking tools are much more convenient. That is because of the fact that you should not pay for using them. All you need to do to start using one of these applications is to enter its official website and create an account. Today the software market is full of free issue management applications. Most modern open source issue tracking tools are written in a popular programming language PHP. That makes them applicable to any operational systems.

As you can see, open source issue tracking applications have lots of advantages compared to paid issue trackers.

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