Who Uses Extreme Programming


A Brief Introduction To Extreme Programming

A Brief Introduction To Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming (XP) is a popular Agile method of software development. In comparison to other Agile methodologies, it has some distinctive features. One of them is higher productivity. The XP method was designed to deliver the final product to the customer as fast as possible. It combines the best features of the Agile methodology.

In XP projects, the team works on the software development along with the managers and the customers. This measure is necessary to produce the final product quickly. Modern engineering solutions are also specific features of the Extreme Programming method. They are implemented by the XP teams to achieve higher productivity.

This article will tell you when Extreme Programming should be used and how to use it correctly.

Who uses Extreme Programming

Any software development company can use the method of Extreme Programming while performing its projects. The only thing they should do before working with XP is to understand its main principles and theoretical basics. After that, the company may start creating its team of XP developers. The Extreme Programming teams are quite small. Usually, they include from 2 to 12 persons. If your XP team is larger it will be harder to hold a great tempo of its work. Small teams are also better for managing complex projects. It takes less time to conduct a brainstorm session in a small team. In addition, the communication inside of a small group is always better, and as we know, it is extremely important for all Agile methodologies. The second requirement of every Extreme Programming project is its strict time limitation. If there is no time limit the workflow will be slower and less efficient.

Where Extreme Programming should be used

Most of the researchers and developers agree that Extreme Programming should be applied to systems that have no constant functionality features. If the system should often change its functions it requires the use of Extreme Programming method. Moreover, the XP method will succeed in situations where other approaches to software development will be useless. It is also a good solution for risk issues.

Sometimes the risk of the project is great because the final product should be ready by a specific date. It is even larger if you have no experience in such projects. Extreme Programming is the best solution for this situation. This method of software development was designed especially for projects that should be performed immediately. Speed is the largest advantage of the XP method. In addition, the high level of customer involvement into the project avoids the risk of low acceptance of the final product.


XP is probably the best method of software development designed for complex situations. By using it you can manage the riskiest projects successfully. Its extreme speed of workflow is one more reason to implement it at your enterprise.


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