Open Source Kanban Board Applications


A Brief Introduction to Open Source Kanban Board Applications

A Brief Introduction to Open Source Kanban Board Applications

Every software developer knows that Kanban board is the main means of Kanban methodology. This device allows the team to follow its progress by visualizing its workflow. Before describing the open source Kanban board software it is necessary to remind what a Kanban board is.

This simple device is actually a table with four columns. Some teams use more columns because of the specific features of their projects. Each column represents a certain stage of task performance. The tasks are usually written on sticky notes and placed on the board in accordance with the stage of their performance. As a result, the team sees the progress of its work and can make any significant changes.

Kanban board software is a term that unites a large amount of Kanban project management tools. Some of them are open source tools. Others are paid. In both cases their functionality is similar. That is why most software developers think that there is no need to pay more for same functions.

Open source Kanban board software is suitable for most Kanban projects. The interface of such applications is usually quite intuitive, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time to master it. But probably the best thing is that most open source Kanban board applications are web-based. It means that you don’t have to download them to your computer to use them.

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