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How to Organize To-Do Lists for Work?

Every day we face various tasks and challenges. Many of us use special online software for setting and managing tasks and objectives at work and in household duties and issues. However, there are individuals who still do not know anything about it. Read More

7 Core Beliefs of Unstoppable Leaders

Great leaders come from all cultures and all levels of society but there are some common beliefs that all unstoppable leaders share. In fact, beliefs are one of the most important things about a person  – some of them can be a powerful driving force, while others limit our potential. Read More

How To Use Bug Reporting Tool

Every team that wants to finish its software development project must use bug reporting and bug tracking tools. In this article we will describe the main features of these applications and try to define the best bug reporting tool.

When we want to understand something, we should begin with the definition. Bug reporting tools can be defined as applications that were designed to simplify the process of bug reporting. Usually this process takes place at the stage of project testing. It is a part of bug tracking process. When all bugs are detected in the process of testing, they must be reported. It is extremely important to write the bug report properly, because all your further work on the bug correction will depend on this document. Read More

The Essential Guide to Scrum Project Management

Scrum project management is considered one of the main methodologies used by the software development teams that work in an Agile style. It is actually the most popular way of project management in Agile. Unlike traditional methods of software development management, Scrum is much more flexible. Its main idea is to involve the customer in the process of software development at all stages. Read More

Popular Examples of Kanban System

Kanban is a popular method of project management. Currently it is widely used all over the world. Actually, it can be applied to any industry which needs to have a tool for product’s quality improvement. This article is dedicated to the examples of Kanban system use. It is necessary to learn them to understand how this system functions. But before describing the examples of Kanban use, it is necessary to remind the definition of this system and its main functional features. Read More

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